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Flat Track TT Motorcycle & Quad ATV Championship Series in Nevada
Robert Boop

The pit gates at the Thunder Bowl Speedway in Moundhouse, NV were open early for Round 2 of the 2006 Northern Nevada Flat Track TT Championship Series on May 6, 2006. And though the promoters are now blaming cabin fever for starting the season a bit too early – a blizzard blew out the March 25 opening at Thunder Bowl and Spring showers washed out the April 22 event at Rattlesnake Raceway in Fallon NV – over 110 entries were raring to go.

As seen in previous seasons the number of kid and quad ATV racers continues to increase – kids are almost 50% of all entries and quad ATVs above 60%.

The most competitive kids are the 80-90cc quad ATVs which were split into Novice and Junior classes this year with Trysten Schlepp trading places with Mitchell Menzer for first and second just as they did April 8th in Round 1 at the Centennial Speedway in Hawthorne NV.

And as the market trends towards 450cc+ quad ATVs, the 266cc+ 2-Stroke & 450cc+ 4-Stroke Quad classes were double last years size with twice as many entries as the previous years outstanding entries – 400-440cc quads ATVs of the 250cc 2-Stroke & 400cc 4-Stroke Quad classes.

In the first lap of the 25+yrs Quad Novice main event Brandy Carmichael of Reno had a hard tumble and on the paramedics advice took a helicopter ride to the hospital ending the event. Track owners Charlie and Carol Brandenberg want everyone to know that after a through check-up and CAT scan her husband, Pro Quad rider Shawn Carmichael, took her home Sunday afternoon with only bumps and bruises.

As a consequence of having a helicopter land in the middle of the track to end the Round 2 events, the remaining cancelled main events were awarded series points based on heat race finishes.

For complete series standings:

Round 2, May 6, 2006, Thunder Bowl Speedway, Moundhouse NV
2006 Northern Nevada Flat Track TT Championship Series
Motorcycles and Quad ATVs

50cc Youth MC Novice: 1. Thomas Redican; 2. Brian Peek; 3. Calvin Greenwell; 4. Trevor Toomey; 5. Brittnay Miller; 6. Jakob Doke; 7. Sydney Woodward; 8. Levi Thompson; 9. Asa Howe; 10. Zachary Scott

50cc Youth MC Novice: 1. Gage Gunzburg; 2. James Hildman

60cc MC Novice: 1. Gage Gunzburg; 2. Courtney Walker

60cc MC Junior: 1. Clay Amezquita

80cc MC Expert: 1. Clay Amezquita

150cc - 230cc 4-Stroke MC Junior: 1. Cody Rogers

150cc - 230cc 4-Stroke MC Expert: 1. Ricky Ziemer JR; 2. Rick Ziemer SR; 3. Hank Cosio

125cc 2-Stroke & 250cc 4-Stroke MC Novice: 1. Chris Scott; 2. Ganden Gonzalez

250cc 2-Stroke & 450cc 4-Stroke MC Novice: 1. Randy Ziemer; 2. Vince Holt; 3. John Patterson; 4. Chuck Patterson; 5. Brandon Thompson; 6. Jerry Chidester

250cc 2-Stroke & 450cc 4-Stroke MC Junior: 1. Allen Sine

25+yrs MC Novice: 1. Randy Thompson; 2. Jon Porteous

35+yrs MC Novice: 1. Kevin Porteous; 2. Gary Lambert; 3. Chris Scott

35+yrs MC Junior: 1. Vince Holt

35+yrs MC Expert: 1. Allen Sine

50+yrs MC Expert: 1. Bill Lambert; 2. Landon Gonzalez

Women Novice: 1. Krysten Scott

Class "C" MC Novice: 1. Gary Lambert

Class "C" MC Junior: 1. Bill Lambert

Vintage 100-250cc MC Novice: 1. Hank Casio

Vintage 251cc+ MC Novice: 1. Gary Woods

50cc Quad Novice: 1. Rian Greenwell; 2. Logan Smith; 3. Logan Mullen; 4. Shelby Casavas; 5. Chance Kellison; 6. Elena Perez

50cc Quad Junior: 1. Bodie Oberhansli

80-90cc Quad Novice: 1. Riley Woodward; 2. Madison Kellison; 3. Chelsea Smith; 4. Cole Carmichael; 5. Lacie Gunzburg; 6. Kate Smith; 7. Brooke Scott

80-90cc Quad Junior: 1. Mitchell Menzer; 2. Trysten Schlepp; 3. Skylar Mattison; 4. Macie Oberhansli; 5. Trysten Cunha

200cc 2-Stroke & 91cc+ 4-Stroke Quad Novice: 1. Maverick Boney; 2. Megan Likens; 3. Michael Smith

200cc 2-Stroke & 91cc+ 4-Stroke Quad Junior: 1. Ben Pena; 2. Cody Lance

250cc 2-Stroke & 400cc 4-Stroke Quad Novice: 1. Aaron Geddes; 2. Darrel Fink; 3. Brian Starbuck; 4. Mark Claus; 5. Jesse Porteous

250cc 2-Stroke & 400cc 4-Stroke Quad Junior: 1. Brian Manning; 2. RC Cunha

266cc+ 2-Stroke & 450cc+ 4-Stroke Quad Novice: 1. Russell Adkins; 2. Pete Murphy; 4. Rob Menzer; 5. Aaron Geddes; 5. Brandy Carmichael; 6. Kimberly Dement; 7. Micah Peek; 8. Jake Jenson

266cc+ 2-Stroke & 450cc+ 4-Stroke Quad Expert: 1. Randy Greenwell; 2. James Boney; 3. Garet Giovanetti; 4. Louis Lazenby; 5. RC Cunha; 6. Brian Manning; 7. Shawn Carmichael; 8. Terry McTimmonds; 9. Travis Kinkaid

25+yrs Quad Novice: 1. Russell Adkins; 2. Aaron Geddes; 3. Kimberly Dement; 4. Rob Menzer; 5. Brandy Carmichael; 6. Chris Proutos

35+yrs Quad Novice: 1. Mark Claus; 2. Brian Starbuck; 3. Russell Case; 4. Pete Murphy; 5. Jake Jenson

50+yrs Quad Novice: 1. Darrell Fink

Pro Quad: 1. Shawn Carmichael; 2. Louis Lazenby; 3. James Boney; 4. Travis Kincaid; 5. Randy Greenwell; 6. Garret Gianetti

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Composed: 05/11/2006 | Modified: 05/11/2006
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