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  ATV Trails
USA ATV Trails Guide and Riding areas Massachusetts to New Jersey

So you are looking for a place to ride your ATV??? We have an ATV trail guide below that will give you information on riding areas and ATV trails in the USA. Our ATV Trail guide has lots of riding spots from the OHV parks, dunes, to the popular Hatfield-McCoy riding area. We are sure you will find an ATV trail near you If you have a spot that is not listed? Please send email it with this info.

Submit A Place.

Location Name:
Type of Riding Place:
Location (closest city):
How to get there:
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by:
Date Submitted:

Submit to ATV@ATVQuadNews.Com



ATV Trail Riding Must Haves:

1 Food and Water- You should always pack a lunch and water. Camebaks can carry up to three liters of water and they have pockets.

2 Proper riding gear- Helmet DOT certified, goggles, gloves, boots and long sleeve jersey. Also we recommend a good chest protector.


4 Trail maps- It helps from getting lost and will benefit if you need to call for help.

5 Cell Phone and GPS- these are a must!!!

6 Tools- This includes spark plugs, towrope, tire repair kit, wire, tape, knife ect.

7 Other stuff- pack a whistle flash light sunscreen, insect repellent and lighter.


Location Name: Pittsfield State Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Piitsfield, MA USA
Details: Approx. 15 miles of ATV trails, old logging roads along the Taconic Range on the Mass-NY Border
Open May 1 to Oct 31
How to get there:Mass Pike to Exit 2, route 20 West to NY, then Follow signs
For more Information contact: State Forester - Phone: 413-442-8992
Submitted by: Todd Davis -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1997

Location Name: Savoy Mountain State Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): North Adams, MA USA
Details: Approx. 20 miles of ATV trails, old logginf roads/ Remote and high elevation
How to get there:Route 2 Summit, south on Central Shaft Road, then follow signs
For more Information contact: State Forester - Phone: 413-663-8469
Submitted by: Todd Davis -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1997

Location Name: October Mountain State Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Lee, MA USA
Details: Approx. 20 miles of trails in the Berkshires
How to get there:Mass Pike to Exit 2, take rt 20 west, make right on Center St. in Lee, then follow signs
Open May 1 to Oct 31
For more Information contact: State Forester - Phone: 413-243-1778
Submitted by: Todd Davis -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1997

Location Name: Beartown State Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Great Barrington, MA USA
Details: Approx. 10 miles of trails in the Southern Berkshires
How to get there:Mass Pike to Exit 2, take rt 20 east, then rt 102 west, then rt 7 south, then rt 23 east. make left on Blue Hill rd, follow signs
For more Information contact: State Forester - Phone: 413-528-0904
Submitted by: Todd Davis -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1997

Location Name: Tolland State Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Otis, MA, MA USA
Details: Approx. 15 miles of trails/ Near the Otis Reservior. Only Open May1 to Oct 31
How to get there:From the Mass Pike Exit 3, Follow rt 10/202 south tot Rt 20 West. to
Rt 23 West, follow signs
For more Information contact: State Forester - Phone: 413-269-6002
Submitted by: Todd Davis -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1997




  Location Name: blindriver ont canada
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): sault, MI usa
Details: trails run approx. 200 plus miles through out the canadian shield north of georgian bay.incredible scenery and great service and hospitality.guides are available and recommended.great riding from spring to late fallsault
How to get there:hiway 17 45 minutes east of sault ste marie canada
For more Information contact: pete hutchins - Phone: 7053569886
Submitted by: steve hayward -
Date Submitted: 1/4/1999

Location Name: the mounds
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Flint, MI USA
Details: this area is for all types of ORVs including trucks. It has two areas that are tracks and the the rest is trails. The DNR run it so you need a ORV permitt and there is a 7 dollar daily pass fee for no residents(4 for residents) or you can get a yearly pass for 35 dollars. You also need to pass a desable level test and have a spark arrestor.
How to get there:take I-75 north (coming from metro detroit) to Mt. Morris exit. Turn right (go east) about 8.5 miles and you will see a sign that says THE MOUNDS. It is across from the Genesee county fair grounds.the hours are 8am to sunset mon-sat and 12noon to sunset on sunday.
For more Information contact: Mi DNR - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: jeff -
Date Submitted: 8/30/1998

Location Name: Leota Trails
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): LEOTA, MI ROSCOMMON
Details: over 56 miles of tons of fun, hills, sand, rocks, and some water. there are east and west loops, both are beautiful and fun. want to stay a while? well ,with a permit from dnr you can camp in the parking area that is set up just for that, with bath room. A GREAT PLACE TO BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY. you must stay on the trails, dnr are there to enforce the mich laws, so read up on them and enjoy a wonderful time on michigan trails.i have a 1996 polaris sportsman 400 quad with over 800 mile of mich trails, great bike. remember, TREAD LIGHTLY
How to get there:FROM SOUTH MICHIGAN,I75 to us10 west to us27
get off after harrison at the old 27 exit . then go north on old 27[ claire ave] at the point at witch main road goes to the right and a dirt road to the left, the dirt road is baily, take it about 2 to 3 miles and you will see a sign on the right side that reads leota trailsturn right it takes you right in to the fun, go stright [rather then turning right] and you will go into leota gas,food,and some bike stuff, you can also get maps. or you can e-mail me and i will e-mail you one
For more Information contact: forest management - Phone:
Submitted by: Bob Gerard -
Date Submitted: 4/12/1998

Location Name: Silver Lake State Park ORV Area
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Mears, MI USA
Details: Over 400 hundred acres of sand dune riding for all types of vehicles to include ATV's, dirt bikes, dune buggies, and all other types of four wheel drive truck type vehicles. Only legal dune riding area in the entire Midwest ! A very scenic place to ride. Dunes are located between the shores of Lake Michigan and Silver Lake. The area resembles the California West Coast. The park is open from April 1st through October 31st. A annual Michigan ORV sticker is required of all vehicles riding on the dunes. In addition, a Michigan State Park sticker is required for each vehicle also to include the towing or transporting vehicle entering the State Park.

Both stickers may be purchased at the park entrance. The annual Michigan ORV sticker has increased in price to $16.25. The Michigan State Park sticker may be purchased daily ($4.00) or annually ($20). A ten foot flag staff with orange colored flag is mandatory. Helmets and eye protection are required for any motorcycle type vehicle where the riders' legs straddle the seat. There are additional rules posted at the park. Be sure to adhere to the one of staying in the parks boundaries as defined by the posts. Do not go out of bounds!!!!

Many of the steeper dunes have " razor back " tops. Be careful when cresting them, especially for the very first time! Some of the more dangerous areas have traffic zoned for one way travel. Be sure to read all the signs posted and observe them. The park has a clean brick toilet house with running water and many pit toilets spread around the perimeter of the staging lot. Racing gas is sold outside the entrance of the ORV area. There are also several parts stores and souvenir shops located there. Traffic on the dunes is light on weekdays. Moderate to heavy on week ends. Extremely heavy on Summer week ends and Holidays ( Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day) !

There are several restaurants in town along with ice cream shops. There is a Go Cart track in town and horseback riding at Rainbow Ranch is available a short distance from the Park. A paved bicycle trail maintained by the Michigan DNR is a short distance from the park also. A great place to spend a Summer family vacation. There are two motels outside of the park. The Best Western (open year round) and the Silver Sands Resort & Motel ( open April 1st through October 31st) (616-873-4936).

Both motels feature reduced rates during the off season, but during the peak summer months, rates will be moderately high to high. There are several campground located very close to each other within two miles of the park. This includes the Silver Lake State Park campground and Yogi Bear's. There are also several others' there. Rates are reasonable and if you don't mind " roughing it " camping would be the way to go! Reservations for staying at any of the motels is strongly recommended!
How to get there:Silver Lake State Park ORV area is located in Mears, Michigan within two miles from the East shores of Lake Michigan. Mears is about 25 miles North of Muskegon or 35 miles South of Ludington. From either direction you must take US 31 and exit at Shelby Road. There will be brown information signs on freeway indicating sand dune riding. Travel West on Shelby Road and follow signs to Mac Woods and Silver Lake State Campground, both of which you must pass by first. After passing the campground and when entering the small town, a short ways down from there, look for a gas station/quick mart store that appears to be in the middle of a strange looking Y-intersection on the left side of the road. You must make this strange looking left hand turn (legal) between the gas station and the Silver Sands Motel on the other side of the street.Follow this road along the shores of Silver lake itself. A short way down there will be a sign directing you to the OFF ROAD ACCESS AREA! HAVE FUN!!!!! Remember to THREAD LIGHTLY or we will loose our riding privileges at this beautifully scenic fun place to ride!
For more Information contact: Silver Lake DNR Office - Phone: 616-873-3083
Submitted by: Kenneth R Krauklis -
Date Submitted: 3/24/1997

Location Name: Michigan DNR maps
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): n/a, MI usa
Details: Here is a link to the Michigan DNR wep site. It offers maps to many state ran trail systems.
Thanks to Kyle Chaillet for the info.
How to get there:Michigan
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: Dave Dossett -
Date Submitted: 3/11/1997

Location Name: Gladwin Trail
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Gladwin, MI United States
Details: Miles and miles of hills and forest to ride in. Great all year round, it includes snowmobile trails and MCCCT trails too. The area consists of rolling hills and beautiful land. The trails are well maintained and are marked well. The riding conditions are just about perfect year round, the terrain is a mix of sand and dirt, very little mid bogs and streams. Campgrounds are all along the trails and access is clear and clean. The trails are long, and stray for a long distance from any given point, so be prepared and don't use the roads as trails, that might just help in shutting the trails down for everyone.
How to get there:I-75 to Standish exit(s) then west on M-61 for 15 miles then south on Center Fire Lane for 1/10th of a mile.
For more Information contact: DNR Forest Management Division - Phone: (null)
Submitted by: Lucas -
Date Submitted: 12/24/1996




Location Name: Tri-County ATV Park
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): northfield/faribault, MN usa
Details: 13 acres of old gravel pit, with hill climbs, table tops,
and small trail around outside. Must wear helmet and have
DNR registration. Open 8 am to sunset No dirtbikes or trucks
How to get there:From twin cities take hwy 3 south to rice county road 75 take a left, take next right on gravel (cabot ave) follow
for 1/8 mile parking lot on right, trail to pit on left.
For more Information contact: DNR - Phone: 1 800 766 6000
Submitted by: chris - none
Date Submitted: 7/17/1998

Location Name: Cuyuna Range
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Crosby, MN USA
Details: There are many challenging hills,and never endiding senic stopping points..Bring your ohv sticker, and ride till you drop..We are there regligiosly every Sunday, and there is tons of good riding close to here..many camping areas too
How to get there:Take 169 from Mpls to Garrison, foolow hwy 6 to crosby, and ask for directions, or call me from there..
For more Information contact: Karl - Phone: (218)-763-3256
Submitted by: Karl -
Date Submitted: 4/24/1998

Location Name: CYUNA RANGE
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Crosby Ironton, MN US
Details: Some of the best Trails in Minnesota. Never hit the same spot twice in the same day! Huge Hills, Millions if trails.
Really nice spot.
How to get there:Right next to Deerwood. Call me and I'll give better directons, or take 169 north to 210 and head east once you enter Ironton main street follow that through the town you'll see an old Oldsmobile car sales lot on the right. As soon as you go past it take a right (the same coner) follow that road and take a left on the first road, by then you'll see trails every where keep goin strait and you can park on the right. Have fun!!!
For more Information contact: Ryan - Phone: 612-535-0878
Submitted by: Ryan Johnson - none
Date Submitted: 3/15/1998

Location Name: Dago Lake
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Willow River, MN US
Details: Some hills and nice cool trails. Lots of secrets to find.
Lots of people there every weekend. Check it out
How to get there:From Minneapolis take 35w north to Willow River. Get off the exit and take a left. The road comes to a T. Take a right and drive half a mile down. You'll see a dirt road on the right after going through the town. You'll see a sign for "Dago Lake". From that road the trails begin. Park to a road on the right. Also if you go past the Dago lake dirt road and keep heading away from Willow River there's an airport on the left with huge hills and really cool stuff.
For more Information contact: Ryan - Phone: 612 535 0878
Submitted by: Ryan Johnson - none
Date Submitted: 3/15/1998

Location Name: Spider Lake
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Pine River, MN iraq
Details: Spider Lake is a good place to go riding for the weekend, or the afternoon. It is full of old logging trails and small trails through the woods.
How to get there:if you live south of minnesota... just find a compass, and drive north.
For more Information contact: Tom - Phone: 1-320-836-2464
Submitted by: Jamie Line - none
Date Submitted: 2/24/1998




Location Name: Holly Sorings National Forrest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Oxford, MS usa
Details: Miles of trails. Serious Mud in spring. Or any time after a good rain.
How to get there:Hwy 30 east of Oxford. Follow Signs.
For more Information contact: Mr. Muddy - Phone: 1(888) MUD SLOP
Submitted by: Branyan Johnson -
Date Submitted: 11/21/1998

Location Name: Bentonite Mines
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Amory, MS US
Details: Sand Dunes with hundreds of trails scattered throughout.
All types of riding. Trails, dunes, mud bogs, 5 tracks, many hills ( of all sizes ) climb if you dare!
How to get there:email me if you don't
For more Information contact: Ley - Phone:
Submitted by: Ley Elliott -
Date Submitted: 11/11/1998

Location Name: x
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): x, MS x
Details: x
How to get there:xs
For more Information contact: x - Phone: x
Submitted by: x - x
Date Submitted: 10/3/1998

Location Name: Grenada Lake Bottom
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Grenada (Gore Springs), MS usa
Details: 6 miles of two-trek trails. Moderate riding with a few creeks
to pass. Very fun and exciteable. Just watch for moccassins
in summer. From highway 8, 12 miles East of Grenada, take Gore
Springs road going South. Go 3 miles. You will see government
area fenced off with rocks, sand, gravel, etc. Turn left on gra
vel road. Go for 1/2 mile until it bottoms out. Ride forever.
How to get there:read up above
For more Information contact: MS wildlife & Fish. - Phone: 1-800-i-don't-no
Submitted by: Chris Jackson -
Date Submitted: 9/27/1998

Location Name: Rattlesnake Bay
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Hattiesburg, MS USA
Details: Rattlesnake Bay is 31 miles of ATV trails located in the Desoto National Forest behind Camp Shelby, the largest national guard training facility in the U.S. The majority of the trails is moderate riding with a few little challenges throughout. Riding is enjoyable year-round. Just watch out for tanks!
How to get there:From Hwy 49 in Hattiesburg, take Hwy 98 east toward Mobile, AL. At New Augusta, take Hwy 29 south. Watch for the sign "Rattlesnake Bay ATV trail" and then turn left, the start area is about 1 mile down on the left.
For more Information contact: MS Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks - Phone: (601) 545-5632
Submitted by: Trey Baker -
Date Submitted: 3/6/1998




Location Name: Flat River
Type of Riding Place: Trails and Track
Location (closest city): Park Hills, MO
Details: St. Joe State Park is located in Park Hills, MO.  Its an off Road Park with lots of trails, sand, and a drag strip.  Used to be called "flat river".
How to get there: Highway 32 west out of farmington, you will see the park entrance posted on the highway.
For more Information contact: - Phone: 636-475-3779
Submitted by: Ryan Bohnert -URL:

Date Submitted: 10/16/2006

Location Name: Deepwater
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Clinton, MO USA
Details: 600-800 acres of intense woods, mild trails, and a 30 acre mx style track with lots of big berms and jumps. Try not go be there during or just after any significant rain.
How to get there:5 miles south of Clinton, MO on Hwy 13. Look for the sign for Deepwater, MO, it will say to turn right to go to Deepwater, instead, turn left and proceed about 1/2 mile, turn left to go to the track section, or on the right you will see the parking area for the woods/trail zone.
For more Information contact: unknown - Phone: unknown
Submitted by: Don -
Date Submitted: 10/31/1998

Location Name: Mark Twain National Forest Location Name: Chadwick Motorcycle & ATV Use Area
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Chadwick Motorcycle and ATV Use Area United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service Mark Twain National Forest Near 100 miles of mountain bike, ATV, or motorcycle trail, winding in and out of deep forested hollows and down long ridge tops....That's Chadwick Motorcycle Area! Situated about four miles southeast of Chadwick, Missouri, from which it gets its name, the Chadwick Area contains a 12-square mile chunk of rough Ozark Country. Developed camp facilities are close at hand for riders or other visitors.

THE AREA Chadwick Area is mostly forested oak, hickory, and pine woods on the rocky ridge tops, which also have a few small open forest glades. The steep ridges that break into the narrow hollows have scattered surface rock with occasional rock ledges and some patches of eastern red cedar. TRAIL RIDING Most trails parallel ridge tops or hollow bottoms with connecting trails crossing side slopes. There are some trail sections with greater challenge to them than others. All authorized trails are marked with orange diamond-shaped tags, and also identify with trail number marker post at beginning points and intersections. You will notice on your visit to Chadwick that trails are closed for rehabilitation, in many cases piled cut brush blocks the trail way. Please do not attempt to travel these routes. Over the years a number of new trail sections are added to the system. None of these trails dead ends, so it is possible to plan a variety of different full-loop trips without backtracking on the same trails. Stay on the trail and do not take short cuts.

SPECIAL AREAS There are two locations at Chadwick Motorcycle Use Area where it is allowed off-trail travel. One of these is the family play area, about two acres in size and just to the West of the Cobb Ridge Campground. The other is the five acre trail bike area, located between trails 110 and 135, near the end of camp ridge. These area's are marked on available maps. Area boundaries are marked with orange colored rectangular tags placed on trees. CAMPING There are two convenient developed campgrounds at Chadwick. They are the Camp Ridge & Cobb Ridge Campgrounds. Areas provided on first come first served basis. There are singe, double, and triple computing available. Larger party’s can occupy the multiple accommodation sites. There is no regular garbage pick up in the area. We need your help to keep the area clean by taking all of the refuse home. Toilets are available at each campground, but there is no water available at either campground. Users should bring enough water to cover there needs for the expected use period. The picnic ground at Camp Ridge is strictly a day use area with no overnight camping allowed. Lots of private Full Service campgrounds in the area (call Chamber of Commerce in Kimberling City).

USE REGULATIONS When using the Chadwick Area facilities you must obey the following restrictions: Use only designated areas (trails marked with diamond-shaped orange markers and areas marked with rectangular-shaped orange markers). Limit motorcycle and ATV use at developed campgrounds to that necessary for entering or leaving the developed site area. Confine recreational riding and test driving to the designated use areas. Motorized vehicles allowed on trails and in special use areas must be under 45 inches in width. Vehicles operated off-highway on trails or in use areas must have appropriate mufflers and approved spark arresters maintained in effective working order. Such devices must meet Forest Service Standards.

All operators must have valid license as required by state law when operating vehicles on state or county roads. All equipment must have operable braking system. Vehicles not equipped with both operable headlights and taillights, can only be operated during the time period of 1-1/2 hour before sunrise to 1-1/2 hour after sunset. All equipment must used must comply with applicable noise emission standards established by Federal or state agencies. Drivers must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Motorcycle or ATV’S must be capable of being operated without creating excessive or unusual smoke.
How to get there: St. John's-Highway H north to Highway 125; north to Highway 14; West to Highway 65; north to Springfield. Exit Highway 65 at Sunshine; west on Sunshine 2.5 miles to national. Cox South-Highway H north to Highway 14; west to Highway 65; north to Springfield. Exit Highway 65 at Highway 60 west to National; north to Primrose.
For more Information contact: FOREST SERVICE OFFICES Ava/Cassville/Willow Springs ranger District (USFS) Business Route 5 south P.O. Box 188 Ava, Mo 65608 Phone: (417) 638-4428 TABLE ROCK LAKE KIMBERLING CITY AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE P.O. Box 495-96 Kimberling City, Mo. 65686 Phone (417) 739-2564 Toll Free 1(800) 595-0393 OTHER AREA ATTRACTIONS (within 10 minutes of trails) Table Rock Lake Lake Tanneycommo Bass Pro Shop Shepherd of The Hills Outdoor Theater Branson Bass Master Invitational Port of Lights Table Rock Lake State Park Talking Rocks Caverns House Boat Rentals Music Shows Silver Dollar City Showboat: Branson Bell Kimberling City - Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Kenneth Tudor -
Date Submitted: 12/22/1996Permit required







Location Name: xx
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): x, NE x
Details: x
How to get there:x
For more Information contact: x - Phone: x
Submitted by: x - x
Date Submitted: 10/3/1998

  Location Name: Harlen County Reservoir near Republican City
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: A small riding area (about 15 acre) is located to the south of the dam. It consists of a few trails in a hilly pasture and is primarily used by dirtbikes.
How to get there: N/A
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Dan Nitzel - Nebraska Off Highway Vehicle Association
Date Submitted: 12/21/96




Location Name: amergosa
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): aamergosaa, NV usa
Details: varry big (1/2 the size of dumont)any time is a good time no restrictions

How to get there:go to amergosa
For more Information contact: scott whipple - Phone: 702-398-3305
Submitted by: dustin nelson -
Date Submitted: 12/4/1998

Location Name: nellis dunes
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): las vegas, NV usa
Details: dunes and hard dirt hills with tracks and large restrictions, no fees,no hassles! car access.
How to get there:take las vegas blvd north past nellis air force base and las vegas motor speedway and the dunes will be on your right,can't miss it!!
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: blake talton -
Date Submitted: 10/22/1998

  Location Name: Sand Mountain
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Fallon
Details: One huge sand dune ridge with smaller dunes and desert surrounding it. The dune itself is massive and has various ridges, bowls, valleys and the like. The area around it is smaller dunes turning into desert trails the farther away from the dune you get. After Pismo, Oregon Dunes, and Glamis, its hard to imagine just one big dune being any fun. But this you just can't describe and have to experience to believe. I live midway between Pismo and Sand Mountain, and Its always a coin flip to decide which one. Sand Mountain is never crowded, even on the big holday weekends. Area is open to all regestered off road vehicles, equipped with the usual whip and flag. No fee, un-improved camping is permitted but there is no water or facilities of any kind (except for the vault toilet). The nearest gas/store/food/motel is in Fallon, 30 miles away. Be prepared!
How to get there: From Reno, take Interstate 80 east to Fallon. Take Hwy 50 south out of Fallon approx. 30 miles. You can't miss it.
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Joseph Almond (
Date Submitted: 12/21/96



New Hampshire

Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): WAY UP NORTH, NH usa
Details: Northern New Hampshire has a new ATV CLUB by the name of NORTH COUNTRY ATV CLUB and their trails have everything you could ask for; mountail trails-mud holes,old railroad beds-logging roads and just plain fun trails.Trails are constantly being up-graded and added to the network and with the continued support of our members and state officials we are going to make this sport a safe-legal-fun family activity.
How to get there:We are on us Rt 3 in New Hampshire which is the main artery connecting the length of the state. The best way to get here is take interstate 93 north to Frankonia Notch (the OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN) than take Rt. 3 another fifty miles to North Stratford. Parking and trail info and maps are available at Burns Truckstop / Gulf Station right on Rt.3 (FOR MORE INFO CALL (603) 922-3350
For more Information contact: TED BURNS - Phone: 603 922 3350
Submitted by: TED BURNS -
Date Submitted: 8/18/1998



New Jersey

Location Name: morey's
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): vineland, NJ usa
Details: its a pit with trails, jumps, and hills. visit any time its fun to ride there any time of the year.
How to get there:lincoln ave near morey's baseball field
For more Information contact: mike - Phone: 6908888
Submitted by: mike -
Date Submitted: 12/20/1998

Location Name: The Trax
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Greendell, NJ USA
Details: Undocumented area-probably 25 miles or so of abandoned RR tracks. Definitely a restricted area, but it's always busy and I've never been hassled. Rails were torn up and miles of stone(mostly dust now) are left including: bridges, tunnels, several trails off the sides, vicious whoops. Come one, come all-you can go from Wharton to PA non stop.
How to get there:Get yourself to rt 80 in NW NJ. Get off at rt517N, go about 4mi and make a left onto rt611. Go about 3mi, and rt611 turns right(sharply). When it does, you will immediately see an overpass you are about to go over. Bear right before and next to the overpass proceed about 100yds to abandoned RR station. Park and unload on right. See ya there!
For more Information contact: nobody - Phone: nowhere
Submitted by: deadman -
Date Submitted: 11/23/1998

Location Name: romers
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Bridgeton , NJ USA
Details: moto track good size
How to get there:It deponds where you starting from
E-mail Me
For more Information contact: ******************** - Phone: **********************
Submitted by: !@#$%^&* -
Date Submitted: 10/25/1998

Location Name: Tower pit
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Weymouth, NJ USA
Details: It is about 7 acres of hard terrian
How to get there:Coming from phildelphia on route 322 bear right to go left on state route 54(you will pass Weymouth furnace).At the
first intersection down this road continue on going straight
Go in the second dirt road.(it will be on the left)
Go down that road for about a mile and there will be an
obvious right.Take that road and you will find the pit.
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For more Information contact: GOOD QUESTION - Phone: ????????????????
Submitted by: Kevin Daly -
Date Submitted: 8/3/1998

Location Name: FLORENCE
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): FLORENCE, NJ USA
For more Information contact: UNKNOWN - Phone: ????????
Date Submitted: 1/22/1998

Location Name: NJORVP
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): chattsworth, NJ united states
Details: we have 266acs of trails and 3 practice tracks one is for atv,s and four wheel drive race truck,s.and one is for begginers only and chidren and we have a moto cross track for the bikes and atv,s. you need to join the club to use the park it coast 35.00$ a year to join. you can call our phone at (732)657-6338
For more Information contact: bill layton - Phone: 732-657-6338
Submitted by: BILL LAYTON -
Date Submitted: 6/25/1997

Location Name: Parkway Trails
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Manahawkin, NJ Barnegat
Details: The riding spot that i ride in is very very muddy but I love it when there is mud i'm in it as fast as i can if it's there it runs from south Jersey to the tip of Jersey right along the Garden State Parkway.The best time to ride is deffinatly the spring when there is lot's of rain. The only restrictions is getting there I push my quad and some times the cops pick on me for no reasoon
How to get there:All you have to do is find New Jersey And any were along the side of the parkway on eather lane South bound or North bound bring your quad or atv into the trail and ride any were you go you can find lots of mud and fun.
For more Information contact: Joe N - Phone: (609)698-0055
Submitted by: Chris - cvolksen
Date Submitted: 4/29/1997

Location Name: Port Elizabeth UPdate. heard it is NO LONGER a ride spot!!
Type of Riding Place: Trails, Check with rangers before riding
Location (closest city): Port Elizabeth, NJ usa
Details: This is a series of pits that are perfect for all types of riding. The are is approx. 15 sq miles and adjoines a state park.
How to get there:rt 55 to 47 turn left after crossing bridge. Go approx. 4 mles--trails are on right.
For more Information contact: 4x4 Necessities - Phone: 609-764-5919
Submitted by: Henry Shinn -
Date Submitted: 4/13/1997

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