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  ATV Trails
USA ATV Trails Guide and Riding areas New Mexico to Oregon

you are looking for a place to ride your ATV??? We have an ATV trail guide below that will give you information on riding areas and ATV trails in the USA. Our ATV Trail guide has lots of riding spots from the OHV parks, dunes, to the popular Hatfield-McCoy riding area. We are sure you will find an ATV trail near you If you have a spot that is not listed? Please send email it with this info.

Submit A Place.

Location Name:
Type of Riding Place:
Location (closest city):
How to get there:
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by:
Date Submitted:

Submit to ATV@ATVQuadNews.Com

ATV Trail Riding Must Haves:

1 Food and Water- You should always pack a lunch and water. Camebaks can carry up to three liters of water and they have pockets.

2 Proper riding gear- Helmet DOT certified, goggles, gloves, boots and long sleeve jersey. Also we recommend a good chest protector.


4 Trail maps- It helps from getting lost and will benefit if you need to call for help.

5 Cell Phone and GPS- these are a must!!!

6 Tools- This includes spark plugs, towrope, tire repair kit, wire, tape, knife ect.

7 Other stuff- pack a whistle flash light sunscreen, insect repellent and lighter.

New Mexico

Location Name: Rio Puerco
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Rio Rancho, NM USA
Details: This area is sandy to hard pack and offers many miles of riding. People have gotten lost out there with the endless trails. A GPS can be utilized if you plan to do some exploring, Mt.Taylor looks close but it's about 70 miles away. I highly recommend not to ride alone on these trails and bring drinking water. This area is rough and not always user friendly being a high desert at 5000 ft... Middle of the summer is too hot to ride but can be done if you ride early in the morning. Night riding wouldn't be advisable, Cliffs and stuff. Open all year round and there are no restrictions. No services, no patrols, just open country.
How to get there: Rio Rancho is north west of Albquerque, off of hwy 25 to Alameda or Hwy 528 same thing, into Rio Rancho, when going north on 528 take a left on Southern Blvd. and drive till it ends and your there.
For more Information contact: Champion Cycle
Phone: 505 896-0200
Submitted by: Mark Lamphere - Date Submitted: 12/8/1997

Location Name: Nine Mile HIll
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Albuquerque, NM USA
Details: This place is basically used for just sand dragging. There are a few trails around about two mile square but the sand dragging is what it's about. There are a couple of fast machines, 1000 cc and a banshee with 570cc LRD engine that show up sometimes on Sundays. The dragging is up a small sand hill about 50 yards, paddles tires are not necessary but may help. At this place there are no rules, just pull up to the bottom of the hill and some one will pull up to race ya. Saturday with Sundays having a bigger group on any weekend. I have seen all kinds of 4x4's, dune buggies, bikes and ATV's all racing together. This place needs to be cleaned up but still a fun place to see how fast your machine is compared to the other local stuff.
How to get there: Just west of Albuquerque off of interstate 40. Take exit 98 and head south to Central Ave, then turn west. The entrance is not marked, just take one of the dirt roads at the large power poles, you can see the big sand hill from a mile away. To watch the action from interstate 40 just use the pull off for the scenic view area, this does not have access to the riding area.
For more Information contact: It's just there.
Phone: None
Submitted by: Mark Lamphere -
Date Submitted: 11/27/1997

Location Name: Dunes
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Farmington, NM USA
Details: Dunes to hard sandstone, large hills with a 33 mile loop called "Oh My God". This race is held once a year, for 3 laps. Yes 100 miles. Great riding for any ORV. This place has been used for off-road for 30 years and I have never seen more than 20 machine there unless it's race day, for the 8 years I've gone. Lots of room but no services.
How to get there: Farmington is in the northwest corner of the state, from HWY 64 in town you will cross HWY 371,[locally called Bisti highway] go south following the signs to Crownpoint and Thoreau. The Off Road Park is only one mile out of town off of hwy 371, there is a Off Road Park sign on the right hand side going south. The small paved exit lane for the park and can be hard to see. If you miss the entrance you will see all of the trails off to your right as the road climbs up a large plateau. There is a nice view at the top well worth the trip. The dirt road going into the park can be rough after a rain so park as soon as you drive in and check the road condition with the ATV.
For more Information contact: Local Honda dealer
Phone: unknown
Submitted by: Mark Lamphere -
Date Submitted: 11/27/1997

Location Name: Mescalero Dunes
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Roswell, NM USA
Details: One square mile of dunes fenced off for ORV use, 40 miles east of Roswell on Highway 380. Decent trails and several open dunes.
How to get there: Highway 380 east of Roswell about 40 miles. Turnoff at "Mescalero Dunes" BLM sign. About 3/4 mile to deadend.
For more Information contact: Bureau of Land Management
Phone: 505-627-0272
Submitted by: Ben Boal -
Date Submitted: 6/25/1997

New York

Location Name: Genesee County
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Alexander, NY USA'
Details: Abandoned railroad tracks throughout Genesee Valley. Access at many different points including Goodrich John Deer sales on telephone road in Alexander(There is also a yamaha dealer one mile down the road) Interstate 90 to batavia, Route 98 south to Alexander, turn left at the yamaha dealer. The John Deer dealer is about a mile down on the left.
Access to the trails anywhere a road crosses the trails. Take the tracks north toward batavia and you'll find many intersections with other tracks. The tracks intersect with many others and I haven't been to the end of them yet, but at least 50 miles are present. Most county maps will show them. Don't ride on farmers crops! Best time is the Fall when crops have been harvested and muddy trails are challenging, followed by the Spring.

How to get there: Access at many different points including Goodrich John Deer sales on telephone road in Alexander(There is also a yamaha dealer one mile down the road). Interstate 90 to batavia, Route 98 south to Alexander, turn left at the yamaha dealer. The John Deer dealer is about a mile down on the left.
Access to the trails anywhere a road crosses the trails. Take the tracks north toward batavia and you'll find many intersections with other tracks. The tracks intersect with many others and I haven't been to the end of them yet, but at least 50 miles are present. Most county maps will show them.

For more Information contact: Parks Service
Phone: 703-343-0055
Submitted by: Sandy Waite -
Date Submitted: 1/3/1999

Location Name: Woodchuck Hill
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Frewsburg, NY United States
Details: Woodchuck hill is a very large area of wooded trails with a few hill climb spots a few mud pits, a couple gravel pits and tons of trails. The land is split up between three owners, the state, Papermills, and a local rod and gun club. The only people that mind the trails being used is the rod and gun club during hunting seasons. It's a lot of fun and about the only place around that is worth going to.
How to get there: Go out Ivory Road from Frewsburg. Go several miles past a blinking yellow light. Turn at the next left after a mile or so. Take the next right, and then another right. You will come to a dirt road, go left. This will take you up a large hill. At the top of the hill go left and follow that until you find a place you want to park.
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Scott Ridout -
Date Submitted: 9/1/1998

Location Name: Desert
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Mahopac, NY USA
Details: Very open area.Hill climbs and plenty of straight aways.Plenty of room to make your own track.
How to get there:684 North to Katonah,Rt35 exit.Make a left at light on to Rt35.At fifth traffic light (about 4 miles) Make right on to Mahopac ave.Follow about 6 miles to first traffic light and make right on to Rt6 Entrance totrails is 50ft on right.Drive your truck in.
For more Information contact: ?????????
Phone: ?????????
Submitted by: Spliby -
Date Submitted: 7/12/1998

Location Name: Salamanca, NY
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Ellicottville,NY, NY USA
Details: Dice runs held from Spring to Fall. 400+ bikes. About 25 miles. $10 fee. Starts at noon. Next run 7/26/98. Nearby Humphrey, NY also has runs throughout the same time period. If you don't have 4WD stay home!
How to get there: About one and a half hours south of Buffalo,NY
For more Information contact: Fire Co.
Phone: UN
Submitted by: CC -
Date Submitted: 7/7/1998

Location Name: Motorcycle, ATV park
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Modena, NY USA
Details: Three hundred acres of privately ownd wood orchads for riding,camping,picnicing,and fishing. Opend all year. Must have full riding gear (helmet,goggles,boots work or riding,gloves,and longpants no shorts. insurence is recommended not reqired (but a waiver must be signed either way).
How to get there: Take new york state thruway to exit 17 newburgh, At toll first exit on right heading north on rte 300. 300 turns into 32 stay straight, make a right on to 55 east at light, park is about one mile on right side of 55.
For more Information contact: Mike Lembo
Phone: (914) 883-7135
Submitted by: Robert Bloodgood -
Date Submitted: 8/3/1997

Location Name: Seneca Nation of Indians VFD
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Maybrook, NY USA
Details: Trails for miles, dunes, hare scramble track, mud bogs and jumps. Ride any time of year but be careful during deer season
How to get there: Off NYS thruway take Interstate 84 west to Maybrook exit at light go left and take route 208 south, go about 1-2 miles and look for Yellow Freight Truck terminal, take road behind the terminal and go about 1000 feet and you are there - great riding.
For more Information contact: DEC
Phone: ?
Submitted by: Chuck -
Date Submitted: 12/25/1996

Location Name: Salamanca
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Run starts at the Volunteer Fire department at Jimmersontown just west of Salamanca NY on the reservation. I believe the cost is $10 but the ride is at least 40 miles long and is composed of awesome mud boggs killer hills. This ride is held six or seven times a year and is well worth it. Write to the Allegany Indian Reservation VFD Salamanca NY for info. The first run is scheduled for April 27th. For more info call 716-924-2730 or e-mail Dave Wagatha at
How to get there: 2 hrs. west of Elmira, NY on route 17. Going from east to west on 17 it is the second Salamanca Exit. DeLorme NY. Atlas page 42 C-6.
For more Information contact: Allegany Indian Reservation VFD Salamanca NY
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: John Mahaney
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

North Carolina

Location Name: Brown Mountian OHV area
Type of Riding Place:
Location (closest city): Located about 20 miles north of Morganton, NC.
Details: There is about 40 miles worth of trials in the Pisgah National Forest. ATV's, dirtbikes and some trails allow 4x4's. The OHV area is about 5 miles east on the left. Fee is $5 by honor system. Some of the trails are one way because they are too narrow for two-way traffic.
How to get there: Take 181 north from Morganton; turn right on Brown Mountain Beach Road.
For more Information contact: Grandfather Ranger District
Phone: (828) 652-2144.
Submitted by:
Date Submitted: 4/6/2000

Location Name: Uwharrie Nat'l Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Countless miles of trails (beginner to expert) and firebreaks in a state park in the center of the state. Trails are marked for ATV, Jeep, Horse, Multi-use, etc. Maps available near entrance to park. 2 parking areas available and campsites nearby. Also, lake access for watercraft and fishing. It is advisable to keep the decibal level low. Keep the area clean to promote further use.
How to get there: Location: Hwy 109 South about 8 miles North of Troy, NC.
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: MDEJONGE@SunBelt.Net
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Spencer Mountain Riding Area
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Countless miles of trails, open areas, mud, hard pack, hills, sand, powerline roads, etc. Beautiful views of Yadkin River. No facilities but near town. It is advisable to keep the decibal level low. Keep the area clean to promote further use.
How to get there: Location: Interstate 85 South about 15 miles South of Charlotte. Take Cox Rd. exit, turn right, go about 2 miles, entrance on Cox Rd. on the right.
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: MDEJONGE@SunBelt.Net
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

North Dakota


Location Name: Smith Road Raceway ,6868 W.Smith Rd., Medina OH 44256
Type of Riding Place:
Location (closest city):
Details: .They are opening the track to quads on Thursday nights from 4:00 until dark. This is on a one month trial basis and 50 or more riders are needed to keep the track open to quads. Cost is $15 for riders, $3 for spectators and $8 for the pee wee track. Boots, helmet, googles required.
How to get there:
For more Information contact:
Submitted by:
Date Submitted:

Location Name: Wellesville
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Welllesville, OH USA
Details: This is the best spot i have rode. this really isnt motocross but there is some.this is hillclimbs.there is no restrictions and you can go there any time of the week.
the size of the area is about 50000 acres of the best hills you can find.

How to get there: On route 7 near Lisbon and east Liverpool get off at exit Wellesville. Make a left then a right and just follow the road. I suggest you stop at a store called Russes. Their sub sandwichs are kick ass!
For more Information contact: Toby Atkins
Phone: 1-440-437-8853
Submitted by: Toby Atkins -
Date Submitted: 1/21/1999

Location Name: Lawhorn's Retreat
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Cincinnati, OH USA
Details: Very nice riding land for ATVs and Horses. Based on 150 acres, there is all the riding you can handle, both wooded and clear ground. There is also a point that overlooks the city and the Ohio River!
How to get there: Located in Manchester Ohio
For more Information contact: Steve Self
Phone: 513-724-2714
Submitted by: Steve Self -
Date Submitted: 1/25/1998

Location Name: Happy Hollow
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Hilsboro, OH USA

Details: Happy Hollow is a 98 acre tract that is privately owned. included in the riding area is a dragstrip (dirt), cirle track , and miles of wooded trails and hills in the southeastern part of Ohio. The location has camping, both primitive and w/electrical hookup, and has bathroom and shower facilities. Also, the office serves as a small general store. To the south of this is Longs Retreat, a more "civilized" camping facility, and a state owned APV site of about 50 acres. The best part of Happy Hollow is the price; $2.00 for a full days riding, $3.00 to camp w/o electric, $5.00 with electric. The owners are great!
How to get there: Take RT.124 South from Hilsboro; to RT.41; turn left, travel aprox. 1 mile to the left to Happy Hollow
For more Information contact: NA
Phone: NA
Submitted by: Mark -
Date Submitted: 10/12/1997

Location Name: Wayne National Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trail

Location (closest city): N/A
Details: If you haven't been to Wayne National Forest yet you have been missing it. Trails,Camping,& Family fun. Huge amount of trails. State sticker, helmets & spark arresstor's are required. Ask rangers about Monday creek ORV trail system... Camping at Camp Ohio off of Rt595 South of Logan or at KOA need Hocking Hills State Park..Bring your own gas. Hope to see ya soon & Tread Lightly Please!

How to get there: Located between Nelsonville & New Straitsv- ille, Ohio. Off of US RT 33.
For more Information contact: Call ranger station in Athens Ohio for dates open
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: N/A

Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Hanging Rock ORV Trail
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: All vehicles must be properly registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. No federal registration required. You must have a valid drivers license; or if the rider is 16 years of age, must be accompanied by a rider 18 years or older who possesses a valid drivers license. Motorcycles or ATV less than 50" in width, with an APV sticker, or valid off road vehicle registration from another state only. Paved trail head with plenty of parking, and a nice turn around circle for campers/trailers. No bathrooms. Bike load/un-load ramps(nice). Clean, nice area. The Hanging Rock Trails are 26 miles long through the scenic forested hills of the Wayne National Forest. All National Forest lands are available for hiking, primitive camping, hunting, and fishing. Bring your pole. Lots and lots of small beautiful lakes left over from the strip mining in the 50s & 60s. You may camp on the many forest roads or the best spot is 10 miles to the north at Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area. Oak Hill Campground. Only 19 camping units but, they are great! They have fire ring/grill, table, and tent pad. Electric is not optional. You must pay for it. Also has a little lantern holder. NEAT, CLEAN, we'll be back! Also campground has 2 flush bathrooms & 1 hot shower house. Dump station, water hydrants, & garbage collection points. The beach is about a mile away by car. Campground is exceptionally nice . Camping units are available by reservation(call 1-800-283-CAMP) or on a first come first serve basis. For maps or other information about Vesuvius or Hanging Rock call or write the Ironton Ranger District 6518 State Route 93 Pedro, Ohio 45659 Telephone: 614-532-3223 TTY#:614-532-0424 also check out the Pine Creek ORV trail 23 miles north of Ironton on State Route 93.
How to get there: Hanging Rock ORV Trails are located in south eastern Ohio, off US Highway 52. Take State Highway 650 north 3/4 mile to Forest Road 105. Stay on Forest Service Road 105 for approximately 1.5 mile to the Main Trail Head Parking Area. All trails are marked with brown corsonite posts.
For more Information contact: Ironton Ranger District
Phone: 614-532-3223
Submitted by: N/A
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Pike State Forest ORV Trail
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Includes fifteen miles of trails in it's 12,000 acres of forest and country roads, winding through steep hills. This state forest and nerby Pike Lake State Park provide hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping. State sticker, helmet, spark arrestor required. Camping within 100yds of parking lot @ Longs Retreat. ** Excellent family campground. Has fishing lake, waterslide, great beach, cabins, go cart track, canoe, minature golf, etc... Probalay one of the nicest campgrounds in Ohio. The trails at the ORV park are usually pretty rough. (not for beginers). There is a novice area, but it is small. Lots of steep hills with deep ruts. Area patrolled by rangers. No alcohol in ride area. Stay on marked trails. No camping or speeding in parking lots Re-grooming is supposed to be done soon. Bike load-unload ramp in parking lot. Grocery, gas, & pizza nearby. Trails are not open year round. Call for dates... Rocky Fork State Park within 5 miles. Paint Creek State Park within 10 miles. Cove Lake State Park within 1 mile (water coaster). Long's Retreat (this is the place you want to stay!) 50 Bell Hollow Rd. Latham, Ohio 45646 1-513-588-3725 Tread Lightly! Enjoy!!!!!
How to get there: Is located in the hill country of southern Ohio, west of Chillicothe.
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Kenny....
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Perry State Forest APV Area
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Much of Perry State Forest was strip mined for coal prior to existing reclamation laws. The resulting terrain is rugged, and largely unvegetated. Over 15 miles of trails have been developed.
How to get there: Located 8 1\2 miles north of New Lexington in Perry county
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A

Submitted by: N/A

Date Submitted: 12/21/96


Location Name: Big Red Off Road Park
Type of Riding Place: Open Trails
Location (closest city): Tecumseh
Details: Fun for the whole family. Trails marked Easy, Medium and Hard.
How to get there: South on hwy 177 to 59B go east to the stop sign and turn south about 1 mile on old highway 18.
See the website for more information:
Contact: Joe
Phone: 405-201-7022
Submitted by: David

Location Name: Southeastern Oklahoma
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): Broken Bow, OK USA
Details: Southeastern Oklahoma is mostly open timber land that is owned by the Weyerhauser Co. the are 100's of Miles of connecting roads the range from pig trails to hard Pack gravel roads and as a bonus between these connecting are all types of trails. There are mountains and also muddy bottoms . A rider can ride all weekend and not cover the same trail if they like. these are not county roads, so it is legal to ride till your heart is content. If the rider is read hard core they can travel by using these roads and trails and cover most of three dirfferent counties here in southeastern Okla. The main thing to remember is that, the land is open for use and it has to be used responably, ie. no arrson, no trash, no distruction of the property, and if any of thse are seen please report it. If we don't take care of our riding area, we could lose it. Camping is really just anywhere you want, just find a good place. For the ATV Rider/Hunter this area is also open to legal hunting. Riding is available year round , but if the rider is into seeing the trees changing colors, the fall is the best time to ride in Southeast Oklahoma . But if the riders are going to camp, Please watch your camp fires. Again Weyerhauser Company is good enought to let people ride on their property, so we can be good enough to take care of it.
How to get there: Hwy 259 north of Broken Bow, Just about any where North of Broken Bow, ok. There are major logging roads which have road numbers posted , once you turn off the Highway east or west , Just find a place to unload and ride. Maps can be obtained at the Local Weyerhauser Office approx. 6 miles North of Broken Bow. If you don't know the riding area , it is real easy to get lost, this is a big area to ride. Also you can take Hwy 3 west out of Broken Bow, Ok and about 8 miles west , just turn north and again you are on Weyerhauser Propery.
For more Information contact: Weyerhauser Co.
Phone: 405-584-3315
Submitted by: Allen Calvin -
Date Submitted: 11/5/1997

Location Name: McCurtain County
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Broken Bow, OK USA
Details: 100's of miles of back roads and trails or just make your own trails, mountains, river bottoms, logging roads. Plenty of rough stuff. Never get bored. Can you a whole weekend and never go over the same trail twice. Plenty of camping any where , just don't trash up the area. Actually you can travel most of three southeastern Oklahoma's Counties with out having to get on any main roadways.
How to get there:Hwy 259 North of Broken Bow, Okla. about 3 Miles, Turn left or right at the Weyerhaeuser Logging 50,000 road. It is anywhere north of there, you can park and unload anywhere or camp there , just find a place. If you ride east , it is about 25 miles east to Ark.. If you ride west you can ride about 65 miles before you hit a paved road. If you ride north you can ride for about 75 miles with out geting on paved road. All us for Oklahoma ask is don't trash up the place and if you see any arrson to the weyco property , please report it. If we abuse this land Weyco can Close it to riding. By Helping Weyco , We help ourselves. You can also pickup a map at the local weyco Office ,Norht of Broken bow.
For more Information contact: Weyerhaeuser Co.
Phone: 405-494-6432
Submitted by: calvina -
Date Submitted: 10/21/1997

Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: This track is built, kept up, and ridden by the legendary motorcycle racer GUY COOPER. It features a 1.5 mile motocross and two separate cross country tracks, four wheelers are very welcome. Permit to ride is only $10.00 for a family per year. Trust me this is a great track and it is the host of many excellent races, you need to check this one out.
How to get there: Located 2 miles south of Stillwater and 6 miles west of Stillwater, OK
For more Information contact: N/A
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Joel White
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: I personally built this one with help from Tony Baustert and it features a motocross/cross country track that will keep the avid racer airborn most of the lap. We built it for big air and that's what you get here. For info on riding here email Joel White at and I'll write back to you with the info.
How to get there: N/A
For more Information contact: Joel White
Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Joel White
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: This course has huge rolling jumps with lots of doubles for any brave enough to hit them in fourth gear. This track has seen better days but if you are close its worth the drive.
How to get there: Located 20 miles west of Oklahoma City
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Joel White
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Little Sahara
Type of Riding Place: Dunes

Location (closest city): N/A
Details: Are you looking for adventure in whatever comes your way? Are you "Born to be Wild"? There is a place for you - a place where the spirit of the frontier still cries out, a place where the meek need not venture. Most importantly, this is a place where there is talk of fast-paced, wide open, heart trobbing, banshee screaming sand duning. Could this be a place for you? It could be just the place for you. It certainly deserves a look-see if you enjoy off-roading via sand, and who doesn't? The place in question is known as Little Sahara State Park. It is located 3 miles south of Waynoka in northwest Oklahoma. It is nestled just 1 mile north of the bank of the Cimarron River. The park can be acessed from US highway 281 which runs along the eastern boundry of the park itself.
The Little Sahara boast of 1520 acres of dunes that can be utilized 24 hours a day year round. The dune area of the park contains dunes which range from 25 to 75 feet high. Near the entrance area of the dunes, there are plenty of sand flats on which one can "let it rip". The larger dunes lie to the north and west of the entrance area. The largest dunes are known as "Buttercup" and "Competition Hill" and these two dunes are the hang out for the adventurers and those who wish to watch the adventurers attempt to out-do each other.


The park certainly does not measure up to vast expanse of dunes of Glamis or the Oregon coastal dunes, but it is unique in itself. The biggest attraction of the park is its' location. It is pretty much in the middle of the US and is therefore more convienient to visit for a larger number of people. Like the Oregon area, the Sahara has many scenic trails which traverse throughout the dune area. It offers a wide varity of riding conditions that can be enjoyed by the novice as well as the pros. The region also has a relatively mild climate. Unlike the Oregon area, once you have made camp you are set for the duration of your stay.

At times, Northwest Oklahmoma can be quite windy (especially in the months of March, late July and August) and some dunes can become bowled and razorbacked. Care should be taken when approaching dune tops. One can even encounter very sharp drops in areas that seem to be mostly flats. Along the southern and western dune area, one will encounter some fairly heavy timber comprised mostly of cottonwoods. Some trails weave in and out of timber and caution should be taken in these areas to avoid head- ons and, uhum, tree-ons. The best way to ride at this park is to take it easy at first until a feel for the terrain is achieved.

To the south and west of the park lies the Cimarron River Valley. The valley is boarderd by the Glass Mountains which provides a striking contrast to the area. The hills generally are shrouded in haze which makes them appear blue. Extending from the north and east of the dune area lies an endless prarie of gently rounded hills covered with sage brush and native grasses. The valley and prarie area are home to a wide varity of wild game. Do not be surprised to witness a covey rise or a deer springing out from the brush when riding along one of the many trails which meander between open dune areas.


Will Rogers once said of Oklahoma's weather, "If you don't like it, stick around a minute, it will change". Like Mark Twain, old Will told the truth mainly, but on accasion he stretched it a bit. The weather can change quite rapidly in Oklahoma but mostly in the spring and winter. In the spring, the weather can turn about quite abrutly but you usualy have a warning before-hand, and, unfortunately,it comes in the form of severe thunder storms. Oklahmoma is known as tornado alley. Like those of you in California who have learned to live with quakes, Oklahomans have learned to take storms in stride as well. We have the advantage of being fore-warned. When at Little Sahara and the skies look threatening, tune to K-101 FM Woodward Ok. for fast and accurate weather information.

In the winter months, there may several very nice days and, without advance signs, a blue northern rolls down the eastern slope of the rockies. It becomes quite cold for a day or two and then it warms up again until the next arrival of a Canadian air mass. January and Febuary are the two coldest months.

In July and August the temperature can on occasion climb up to the high 90's and low 100's and of course the temperature on the sand is unberable. Most of those who venture to the park in the heat of the summer run mostly at night. The park has a large beacon at the entrance of the park to help the night riders find the way home in the dark.

Because of the altitude and the climatic conditions, (similar to those found in some parts of Africa) western Oklahoma can have some spectacular sunsets. It may be worth your while to pack your 35mm and fire a few shots along about sundown. As in any sand environment, take a few extra precautions with your photo gear.

The best time to visit the park is from April through late June and from mid September through November. The fall season would probably be the better of the two if one had to choose. The fall foilage can be quite beautifull as well.






The camping area of the park is comprised of two main campgrounds. The south campground is open all year and has facilities for trailers and campers. Within this area are 24 semi-modern RV sites, with picnic tables, showers, water and electrical hookups available. A RV dumpstation is near completion and should be ready for use by the end of 1992. The north campground is more primitive and is open from April 1 to October 31.

The park also offers three reservable, sheltered picnic areas and a group campsite. This camp has several individual A- frame cabins, with a large building serving as a kitchen and dining area. The group camp can accomodate 80 people.

PARK FEES Dune acess fee................................... $ 4.00 per day
**** dune acess is charged from March 1 through November 30 ****
Tent.....................................................$ 6.00 per night
RV hook up........................................ $10.00 per night
Group Camp up to 50 people................... $ 175.00 per day
( $ 3.00 per person over 50 people up to 80 total with children under 6 years free )


The park has its' own rescue vehicle and has been put to good use. The closest hospital is about 25 to 30 minutes from the park. The City of Waynoka has one of the best rated EMT and ambulance services in the State of Oklahoma.

Located near and accessable from the park is B&S Buggy Shop and the Oasis convience store. These are the only private buisness in the immediate vicinity of the park. Miller' Cafe is the only full service resturant featuring a large menu. It is open from 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. Oklahoma Motorcycle Supply, like B&S Buggy Shop, offers parts and repair service. Oklahoma Motorcylce Supply focuses primairly on 3 and 4 wheel service where as B&S is more geared to the Buggy Buisness. Both offer welding and yes, they both have very good mechanics. OMS is located downtown Waynoka and also has a parts shack at the Saraha.

LITTLE SAHARA STATE PARK.................................................
LITTLE SAHARA MOTEL...........................................................
B&S BUGGY SHOP......................................................................
OKLAHOMA MOTORCYCLE SUPPLY.....................................
MILLER'S CAFE............................................................................
WAYNOKA 66..............................................................................
SAND HILLS SPORTS WEAR.......(DUNE WARE)......................
WAYNOKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE..................................
WAYNOKA AMBULAMCE..........................................................
AFTER 5 P.M..................................................................................


The biggest weekends at the park are: Labor Day, Memorial Day, Easter and probably the biggest of all is SNAKE HUNT WEEKEND which falls on the first weekend after Easter.(see October 92 issue of 3&4 Wheel Action.) If you plan to visit on any of these weekends, be sure to arrive early in the week to get a decent camping spot. The park has never turned any riders away, but camping is limited on big weekends.The dunes of the Little Sahara emulates "The Spirit of Oklahoma" and cries out to those of you who love to live life as it is meant to be. Even if you have conquered the dunes of Glamis, enjoyed the beauty of Silver Lake, marveled at the sands of Oregon and other dune areas, you have by no means done it all until you have DUNED OKLAHOMA!
How to get there: It is located 3 miles south of Waynoka in northwest Oklahoma. It is nestled just 1 mile north of the bank of the Cimarron River. The park can be acessed from US highway 281 which runs along the eastern boundry of the park itself.
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Joel White
Date Submitted: 12/21/96


Location Name
: Quartz Creek
Type of Riding Place: Open Trails
Location (closest city): Grants Pass
Details:Nice area. Great combination of logging roads cut
trails and skid trails. Multiple staging areas. Bring a
gps or a good map because it is easy to get turned around.
All access for ATV and moto-x. Whoops, steeps, and streams.
Snow, mud, gravel, jumps and bog, QC has it all.
How to get there: I-5 to Merlin-Galice Roadj ust north of Grants
Pass. Through Merlin, turn right onto Hugo Road. Travel
approximately 4 miles to Quartz Creek road, BLM # 35-6-8.
Pass the residential area and look for side roads with pull
offs. Main staging is easy to spot approximately 6 miles up.
For more Information contact
:Oregon BLM
Submitted by: Yellowforeman500es
Date Submitted:1/22/2006

Location Name: Coos Bay, Oregon
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Coos Bay, OR USA
Details: The Oregon sand dunes are very versatile for every kind of riding abilities. There are big dunes, small dunes with razor backs, tree-shots, do-or-dies, trails, trails in the beach dune grass and riding on the beautiful Oregon Coast! The dunes are approximatly 10 miles in length and about 3-5 miles in width. The best time of the year to visit is preferbly in the Spring or Summer. Fall is also a very nice season to visit the Oregon dunes. The only restrictions are you can only ride from 6 a.m. until midnight. Also, there i

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