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  ATV Trails
USA ATV Trails Guide and Riding areas PA to Wyoming

you are looking for a place to ride your ATV??? We have an ATV trail guide below that will give you information on riding areas and ATV trails in the USA. Our ATV Trail guide has lots of riding spots from the OHV parks, dunes, to the popular Hatfield-McCoy riding area. We are sure you will find an ATV trail near you If you have a spot that is not listed? Please send email it with this info.

Submit A Place.

Location Name:
Type of Riding Place:
Location (closest city):
How to get there:
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by:
Date Submitted:

Submit to ATV@ATVQuadNews.Com



ATV Trail Riding Must Haves:

1 Food and Water- You should always pack a lunch and water. Camebaks can carry up to three liters of water and they have pockets.

2 Proper riding gear- Helmet DOT certified, goggles, gloves, boots and long sleeve jersey. Also we recommend a good chest protector.


4 Trail maps- It helps from getting lost and will benefit if you need to call for help.

5 Cell Phone and GPS- these are a must!!!

6 Tools- This includes spark plugs, towrope, tire repair kit, wire, tape, knife ect.

7 Other stuff- pack a whistle flash light sunscreen, insect repellent and lighter.



Location Name: The Lost Trails ATV Adventures
Type of Riding Place: Country Mountain Trail riding
Location (closest city): Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania
Details: Explore our 1200 Acre ATV Trail and Terrain Park
in the heart of the Pocono Mountains.
Everything from water bogs, and mud holes to
hill climbs and boulder crawls and of course, those get lost in the back woods meandering trails  
we all love to waste the day on.
All Trails are One-Way and Dirt Bike Friendly
How to get there:

From New York City and Points East
Interstate 80 West from the George Washington Bridge over the DELAWARE-WATER-GAP BRIDGE into Pennsylvania, to I-380 North. At first exit (Pocono Exit 3), turn left WEST ON ROUTE 940, at next light turn left onto LONG POND ROAD, next intersection turn left onto SULLIVAN TRAIL, 1 MILE go under I-380 then 600’ on left is entrance to THE LOST TRAILS.

For more Information contact:  - Phone: 570-730-8131
Submitted by: PacDaddy
Date Submitted: October 17, 2007

Location Name: Rock Run Recreation Area

Type of Riding Place: ATV & Dirt bike trails

Location (closest city): Patton, PA 16668 Details: 50 miles of trail Covering more than 6,000 acres, the Rock Run Recreation Area provides a nearly endless network of trails for 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. Winding through a diverse topography of timbered ravines, open grasslands, pine groves and scenic expanses overlooking the mountains of The Alleghenies, the trails of Rock Run are designed for riders of all levels. From leisurely family rides along rolling green trails, to more advanced black diamond trails, Rock Run gives riders a chance to match their skills to the terrain of the region. How to get there: Mapquest to Patton, PA 16668, then follow Rock Run signs. For more Information contact: Phone: 814-674-6026 Submitted by:Andy Gonsman - Park Manager Date Submitted: April 26, 2008



Location Name: Covington Pike Trails
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Memphis, TN USA
Details: Miles of trails along the wolf river. South to Walnut Grove Rd., Northwest to the MS river. Very muddy after any rain. Easy to moderate trails. Some difficult creek crossings. Many trails intertwine. With persistance you can go a travel a long way.
How to get there:On I-240 take the Covington Pike exit and go north. Take the first right before the Wolf river. Park & ride.
For more Information contact: Rusty - Phone:
Submitted by: Rusty -
Date Submitted: 1/23/1999

Location Name: West Point
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Lawrenceburg, TN Lawrence
Details: Fun for all ages and all types of riders. There are many trails and lots of hills. Pebble Hill, about a 1/8 mile long hill on about a 75 degree angle of nothing but pebble rock. The Playground is full of challenging hills. There are a bunch of other trails and hills to ride. Best riding in the late and early parts of the year.
How to get there:From Lawrenceburg, go south on hwy 43 until you reach St. Jose. Stop in any store you see and ask "How Do I Get To West Point".
For more Information contact: Don Walker - Phone: 256-757-8327
Submitted by: Don Walker -
Date Submitted: 9/18/1998

Location Name: Royal Blue
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Caryville, TN USA
Details: Managed by Wildlife Resources Agency, marked trails, large
area with many trails from beginner to very difficult. Bring
bright orange vest or riding gear for riding during hunting seasons.Little traffic during week, light to moderate on weekends.
How to get there:Nort of Knoxville.Interstate 75,exit 141(Onieda exit)go to east side of highway,turn right in front of Perkins Resturaunt on gravel road,go one mile or so follow small Royal Blue signs,parking areas on the left,ample room for trailers(camping OK)
For more Information contact: Wildlife Resources - Phone: 1-800-332-0900
Submitted by: Bruce Myers -
Date Submitted: 11/13/1997

Location Name: bura bura mines-cooperhill
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): COOPERHILL, TN usa
Details: trails(easy to intermediate),a track,and a sand flat(a square mile+)
For more Information contact: (null) - Phone: (null)
Submitted by: JIM RIDEN -
Date Submitted: 3/25/1997

Location Name: Natchez Trace State Park
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: hundreds of acres of multi use land with access to camp grounds, facilities and lakes.
How to get there: 20 minutes East of Jackson, Tennessee
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Steve Foster
Date Submitted: 12/21/96

Location Name: Chickasaw State Park
Type of Riding Place: Trail
Location (closest city): N/A
Details: hundreds of acres of multi use land with access to camp grounds, facilities and lakes.
How to get there: 10 minutes West of Henderson Tennessee
For more Information contact: N/A- Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Steve Foster
Date Submitted: 12/21/96


Location Name: Lavon Motorcycle Park
Location Name: waco Eagles Mx
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Waco , TX McLennan
Details: This track is owned by the Waco eagles motorcycle club . We are the second oldest club in the U.S.A.there are races the second and fourth sundays of the month.To join is 25.00per a 10.00fee for the first year.
This area is 56 acres with mx track and also a cross country track . To join call the motor cycle shops in the Waco area or contact Rick Denney 1914Smith phone 254 7997183.
How to get there: take interstate 35 to hy 6 half way between Waco and Mart
on the right
For more Information contact: R.Denney - Phone: 254-7997183
Submitted by: Rick Denney - no e-mail
Date Submitted: 2/1/1999

Location Name: Fort Hood
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Killeen, TX USA
Details: There are miles and miles of trails. They also have a MX track where they have races every sunday. They are open everday of the week. Racing is $6 a day or you can get a membership for $30 for the year in which the races on sunday would then be free and you also get a tee-shirt included in the membership. You can ride all day on the trails and never hit the same one twice. They also have area for trucks to go four wheeling.
How to get there:From San Antonio take I-35 north to 195. Follow it straight till it ends then take a left. This will bring your right on to Fort Hood.
For more Information contact: Fort Hood MWR or Sportsmans Club - Phone: ?
Submitted by: James LeBrun -
Date Submitted: 1/25/1999

Location Name: Samuell Crawford Memorial Park
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Dallas, TX USA
Details: This is a public park in Pleasant Grove about 10 acres of riding trails (pits, wooded, creek bottoms). There is a designated area in the back of the park.
How to get there:The park is located at the corner of Elam Rd. and Prairie Creek. Located in the Pleasant Grove area. From C F Hawn Frwy. turn north on Prairie Creek the park borders the fwy. From loop 12 (Buckner Blvd.) on Elam Rd. the park is about 1/2 mile north.
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: chris reyna -
Date Submitted: 12/11/1998

Location Name: SHILOH RIDGE
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Alto,, TX United States
Details: Trails , Tracks, Mud Bogs and racing events
Approx 1000 acers privite land, perpared for riding.
How to get there:Highway 69 approx. 150 miles from Houston and
Dallas. 1 mile north 69 from Alto. Follow signs
For more Information contact: Billy Brooks - Phone: (409) 858-4030
Submitted by: BILLY BROOKS -
Date Submitted: 11/25/1998

Location Name: SHILOH RIDGE
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Alto,Texas, TX United States
Details: Trails , Tracks, Mud Bogs and racing events
Approx 1000 acers privite land, perpared for riding.
How to get there:Highway 69 between approx. 150 miles from Houston and
Dallas. 1 mile north 69 from Alto. Follow signs
For more Information contact: Billy Brooks - Phone: (409) 858-4030
Submitted by: BILLY BROOKS -
Date Submitted: 11/25/1998

Location Name: Winkler County Park
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Kermit, TX USA
Details: 110 Square Miles, Up to 70' tall, open year round, on the weekends may be 80+ machines. Open dunes and sand trails.
How to get there:10 miles east of Kermit on Hwy 115
For more Information contact: Winkler County Texas - Phone: ????
Submitted by: Lee Mahanay -
Date Submitted: 10/16/1998

Location Name: Muenster, Tx
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Muenster, TX U.S.A.
Details: Actually, ride spot is anything and everything. This Ranch is 3500 plus acres with the Red River running smack down the middle of it. The Ranch consist of all types of terrain including trail riding, hill climbing, flat terrain, sand dunes, and of coarse the Red River with all of her creeks, mud boggs, quick sand, yes quick sand. The Ranch itself is privately owned and of coarse there is a $5.00 riding fee per day. The hours of operation are Mon-Fri by appointment, the old man will let you in, you just have to call so he can meet you there and unlock the gates for you, or Sat- Sun as earliest as you can get there until dark. When the sun goes down you have two options: stay and camp, no riding after dark, so they say, or, load up your gear and head 10 miles south to Muenster and lodge in at the one Motel they have, very nice actually, and get cleaned up for yet another day of trailblazing. Like I said, this place has it all hills, rocks, riverbeds, wildlife, trails, cliffs, you name it they've got it.
How to get there:Take I-35 from Dallas or Ft. Worth towards Oklahoma, when you get to Gainsville exit on Hwy 82 west towards Muenster, when you reach Muenster you will come to the first red light in town, maybe the only red light, turn to the right and follow the road another 12 miles or so and you will see the Ranch by its green pipe fence, on the right hand side. Drive up a hundred feet or so and enter into the Ranch and then sign the sheet and pay your $5.00 and then you are ready to rock and roll.
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: Jon Mann -
Date Submitted: 9/15/1998

Location Name: Sam Houston National Forest
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Huntsville, TX USA
Details: You have to have a spark aresstor to ride in this area. There are two different riding areas. One of marked trails that are mapped, and another area of free riding. Stop by the Raven Ranger Station to pick up a map. There are miles and miles to ride...specifically for dirtbikes and quads. Some of the trails are too narrow for quads however. Sand, mud, creek crossings, lots of deer, and virtually no one else on the the weather to make sure its dried up a bit before you go, because when its wet you'll be mud hogging a bit more than you want and the loops are LONG.
How to get there:I-45 north to New Waverly. Exit and take a left back over the Interstate. The ranger station is about 5 miles up on your left. Trail head is a couple of more miles up. Take a right at the Gulf Coast Trade Center and follow the signs.
For more Information contact: Forest services - Phone: ?
Submitted by: Andrea Piro -
Date Submitted: 1/27/1998

Location Name: Spring Creek
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Houston , TX USA
Details: This ride incorporates sandy creek bottoms, water crossings, MUD! and miles and miles of trails through bogs and marshy areas.
How to get there:The easiest way to get there is to take I-45 (either north or south) to cypresswood drive in Spring Texas. Go east on Cypresswood drive for about 3-4 miles. On the left side of the road will be a school next to a large drainage ditch. Immediately after passing the large ditch begin to look on your left for several clearings into the woods. On Sundays these parking areas begin to fill quickly so you may have to squeeze in somewhere further down the road. A friendly warning do not ride on or in the drainage ditch. These are state property and occasionally there will be a local sheriff in a jeep writing citations to those who don't practice common land useage sense. There are miles and miles of trails. One of the main ones will lead you down to "School Beach". From here you can travel either up stream or down stream for 8-9miles either way. On the creek bank there are numerous side trails and you can easily put in a 30 mile ride on any given day. You may want to cross the water cautsiously in some places it can get quite deep depending upon rain. Even if it has rained look forward to a 20 mile round trip if you take the trails heading down stream.
For more Information contact: NA - Phone: NA
Submitted by: Mark Logan -
Date Submitted: 8/24/1997

Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): N/A, TX N/A
Details: Lavon Motorcycle Park
Open 6:00am - 10:pm
No Fee
This park is approx. 40 acres of jumps, trails, and hills with some mud bogs in the spring and fall.
How to get there:Trailhead: from Wylie, Collin Co., (approx. 15 miles away from Dallas Tx.) Go north on Hwy. 78 approx. 6 miles to Lavon Road (City of Lavon). Turn left and head west 1/2 miles to park entrance. For lakeside campsites go 1/2 mile further on lake road to the first street and turn left. This street leads to lake lavon and campsites.
For more Information contact: N/A - Phone: N/A
Submitted by: N/A -
Date Submitted: 12/29/1996


Location Name: Piaute ATV Trail System
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Richfield, UT US
Details: The formal trail is 240 miles long. It has now been interconnected with other trails to measure almos 2000 miles of ATV paradise. All users are welcome on the trail and are extended an open hand of friendship and courtesy. The trail is accessible from many points. Riding the trail system can be as easy as running on a semi improved road or dive off into very specific ATV areas you can find yourself into as large a challenge as your heart desires. Rocks, hills, trees, everything from desert mountains to high apline meadows!! This trail system is truly one of a kind in what it offers the ATV enthusist. One of the things that makes this system so nice is that the local communities welcome you into town for whatever services you may require, fuel, lodging, food, or other services. Machines of all kinds will have a blast on this trail system.
One of the best times to run this system is July through Mid October. The entire trail system is completly open by then. Some areas of the trail in extream altitude may not be snow free till July. But for those who need to come at a different time of year can rest assured that much of the trail is accessible from April thru November. Early or late snows can and do happen. There are many many places at lower altitudes with which to run and have fun all within easy reach of town.
The Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree is one of the premier events in the country. 1998 welcomed nearly 400 riders together at one time! All sorts of guided trail rides were available to match any driving skills one posessed. People coming together from all across the country to share each other and enjoy the sport they love in a setting that delivers clean air and a true Rocky Mountain experience. Additional information may be optained by calling 800-639-0528
How to get there:Richfield sits in the middle of the trail system and is located near the juction of I-15 and I-70. From Salt Lake City take I-15 South to Cipio then US 50 Eastbound and follow the signs to Richfield. From Points Southwest take I-15 North to I-70. Richfield is located 38 miles West on I-70. From the South take US Hwy 89 to Richfield. From East take I-70 Westbound. Richfield is almost in the center of the state of Utah.
For more Information contact: Terry Christensen - Phone: 435-896-5481
Submitted by: TopCat -
Date Submitted: 9/21/1998

Location Name: Little Sahara
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Delta, UT U.S.A.
Details: N/A
How to get there:N/A
For more Information contact: N/A - Phone: N/A
Submitted by: Ryan -
Date Submitted: 3/11/1998

Location Name: Paiute ATV Trail
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): n/a, UT n/a
Details: The BEST place to ride in Utah is the "Paiute ATV Trail".
This trail is a 275 mile loop, rising to 12,000 feet. The town on the loop are very ATV friendly, meaning the local police don't generally hastle riders on the trail and many of the towns have designated access routes.
The Rockey Mountain ATV Jamboree is held annually in August. Check out for details and such.
If you plan to ride the trail, stay in Marysvale Utah, it is at the center of the trail and has the best access and services.
How to get there:n/a
For more Information contact: n/a - Phone: n/a
Submitted by: Shannon Bushman -
Date Submitted: 3/5/1997




Location Name: 7 mile ORV Park
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Spokane, WA USA
Details: Almost 600 acres of open riding. Some trails thru the trees,
Lots of big sand hills, seasonal creek. Day use area,camping
close by in Riverside State Park. Some hills tough for beginners.
State Park, must have ORV tags.
Fun for the whole family. Watch out for "wannabe" ruts,(Jeeps, etc.)
they just can't make the hills like an ATV!
How to get there:From I-90, take Maple Street Exit, go north to Francis, turn
right,(West)stay on Francis, road turns & heads north, watch
for signs, 7 Mile ORV Park, turn left, go about 3 miles,
across river & up hill, watch for SMALL sign, and turn left on
washboard gravel road, go 1 mile and your there. There are
several ways to get there from different directions.
For more Information contact: Riverside State Park - Phone: 509-456-3964
Submitted by: Sandy -
Date Submitted: 12/30/1998

Location Name: Capitol Forest/ORV Park
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Olympia, WA USA
Details: All ORV trails are open from April 1 through October 31. All
gravel surface logging roads are open year around. Capitol
Forest covers 90,128 acres, and has many miles of dedicated
ORV trails and many more miles ofgravel logging road. The
ORV park has organized events during months of authorized
trail use. Site camping with facilities and trail camping
available for nominal fees.
NOTE: Washington State ORV decal required!
How to get there:Interstate 5 to exit 104, West on Highway 8, approximately
20 miles. The ORV park is located at the Thurston/Grays
Harbor County line. This is one of many entrances. Contact
Washington State Department of Natural Resourcesfor maps and
For more Information contact: Washington DNR - Phone: (360)748-2383
Submitted by: David Crawford -
Date Submitted: 12/9/1998

Location Name: Reiter pit
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Gold Bar, WA usa
Details: Riding is mostly round rock and gravely trails. Forrest surrounding. Size is pretty big I've never made it to the end. Only restrictions posted are to keep ORV's off the pavement, but we all fudge on that now and again. Open all year. No fee yet.
How to get there:From I-5 at Everett follow hwy 2 east for a long ways until you reach Sultan. Keep going east and turn north onto Reiter rd. Follow the road until it takes a hard left. Don't go left take the road that continues straight until you see a gravel parking area on the left. You will know you are there when you see the no ORV on roadway signs. Park anywhere out of the way and ride safely with helmet.
For more Information contact: none - Phone: 425 555 1234
Submitted by: keith butler -
Date Submitted: 11/16/1998

Location Name: Elbe ATV Trails
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Elbe, WA USA
Details: Mud lost of mud there are some trails and mud in the place
the size of the place is about 5000 acres of roads there are
no restrictions on the place but keep it clean please the best time of the year to visit it depends on the condions you like to ride in.
How to get there:head south on hiway 7 10-15 miles on the other side
For more Information contact: Forest Service - Phone: no phone
Submitted by: Kevin Churchill -
Date Submitted: 6/3/1998

Location Name: Horn Rapids ORV Park
Type of Riding Place: Track
Location (closest city): Richland, WA USA
Details: They now have two ATV tracks!!!!!! One is a tight MX / TT track and the other is a TT style that's big and wide! (bikes only, unless ten or more quads show up), Tracks are watered throughout the day, and there are a lot of quads out there now! Sand drag area, 2 truck tracks. Approx. 300 acres, restrooms w/ showers, No park fees, unless you camp, camping is $5 a night, lots of trails and open riding, desert scene, hrs: 11am-8pm Mon-Wed and 8am-5pm Sat-Sun. open year round, need orv tabs.
How to get there:Located near the SE corner of WA. From interstate 82 (either direction), take exit marked as highway 240 VANTAGE, heading north, follow BYPASS HWYfor about 5-6 miles,(follow signs that say RICHLAND LANDFILL). Take a left at the light to 240 VANTAGE, follow road for 4.5 to 5 miles, park entrance is on your right (same entrance as landfill), follow road to left and you'll see the go-kart track as well as all the dirt tracks.
For more Information contact: Barry Peters - Phone: (509) 942-7390
Submitted by: Jeff and Missy Barrett - e-mail: ,
Date Submitted: 4/30/1998

Location Name: Beverly Sand Dunes
Type of Riding Place: Dunes
Location (closest city): Vantage, WA USA
Details: 2-3 miles of Sand Dunes, Camp Grounds , Public Fishing , and Boating.
How to get there:ASK SOMEONE IN VANTAGE it off of I-90 about 30 mins after Ellensburg!
For more Information contact: --- - Phone: ---
Submitted by: Ray - ----
Date Submitted: 4/17/1998

Location Name: Ravensdale Clay Pits
Type of Riding Place: Trails
Location (closest city): Ravensdale, WA USA
Details: It's a really big area to ride, lots of trails, and adjacent to Warehauser forest property which is fun to ride in too. Lots of mud and clay, a few hill climbs. It is private property though, and some of the workers (it is a working clay mine) don't like people riding there. Best to come on weekends, when no equipment is working. Trail entrances change weekly as they dump piles of dirt on them...
How to get there:From North: I-405 to 169 (Renton/Maple Valley Hiway). Drive towards Maple Valley for 10-15 miles, then turn left onto Kent Kangley Rd (past Maple Valley). Drive until you get to the town of Ravensdale noted by a fire station on the right and small store on the left (about 3-4 miles) then turn right at that intersection and after

West Virginia



There is an ATV trail in the wasatch-cach Natl.forest called the dead horse ATV trail. It is near Mountain view Wyoming. with some of the trail going into North eastern Utah. For a trail map and description contact Mountain View Ranger District P.O. Box129 Mountain View Wyoming 82939
Telephone [307] 782-6555 Enjoy!

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