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  Kawasaki ATVs
2009 Kawasaki Sport ATVs

2009 Kawasaki KFX450R ATVs

Riders looking for a race-ready, high performance ATV equipped with class-leading performance and technology straight out of the crate need look no further than the Kawasaki KFX®450R. Every component was chosen to maximize performance on the track or in the woods and put riders at the head of the pack with minimal fuss.

The KFX450R ATV uses a powerplant based on Kawasaki’s highly acclaimed KX™450F motocross engine. An efficient and highly-responsive 32-bit digital fuel injection (DFI) system automatically compensates for temperature or altitude. DFI also enhances the engine’s ability to generate torque in the low and medium rpm ranges for outstanding holeshot acceleration. This ATV’s ability to find traction is superb, and its four-stroke power delivery translates into hooked-up wheels for improved handling and higher corner speeds.

Other race-ready features include a lightweight titanium exhaust header pipe and a durable forged piston. The fast and reliable KFX450R was also the first competition-oriented ATV to include a reverse gear. Previously unheard of in racing, the KFX450R’s lightweight reverse system lets riders quickly extricate themselves from first turn chaos, dead-end trails or any other on-track incident.

Winning races requires a chassis that’s built to handle tough racing conditions. The all-aluminium frame provides light weight and incredible stiffness without sacrificing strength. The front suspension design utilizes long lower A-arms mounted to a single box-section lower frame tube. This results in outstanding suspension action from the frontend. At the rear, a cast aluminium swingarm provides the ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity. The high-tech chassis also features a low center of gravity and excellent roll resistance. Regardless of changing conditions or rough track surfaces, this race-oriented chassis makes the KFX450R a potent weapon in the battle for ATV supremacy.

The KFX450R is easy to work on, so riders can concentrate on winning instead of wrenching. The two-piece front and rear “lapped” fenders make it possible to customize the size of the fenders or replace damaged sections separately. Even the headlight assembly is quickly detachable for closed-course races, and the compact design means this ATV looks just as aggressive with or without headlights. These features leave little doubt that the new KFX450R was designed to get its rider on track and winning races as quickly as possible. MSRP: $7,549

2009 Kawasaki KFX450R Monster Energy®

For riders wanting something different in a race-ready, high performance ATVs, the Kawasaki KFX®450R Monster Energy Edition is the answer. With its black bodywork, frame and wheels highlighted by an aggressive Monster Energy® graphics set, this born-to-race ATVs will certainly stand out from the pack MSRP: $7,849.

2009 Kawasaki KFX®50

The Kawasaki KFX®50 is a great starting point for beginning ATV riders age six years and older. With its wide 27.6-inch stance, full floorboards and environmentally friendly air-cooled, four-stroke engine, the KFX50 delivers solid performance and stable handling to provide a good foundation for young learners.

An adjustable throttle stop, CVT transmission speed limiter and lanyard safety switch allow the rider's confidence and skill levels to increase while parental control is maintained. Once riders are confident enough to operate the KFX50 on their own, parents can still maintain control over its operation, thanks to the keyed ignition which helps to prevent unauthorized use.

The KFX50 has styling like that of the larger KFX models and boasts features such as electric starting, single-shock swingarm rear suspension, A-arm front suspension, dual front drum and single rear disc brakes. The compact entry-level ATV also incorporates full floorboards, which provide extra comfort and safety for the rider. MSRP: $1,999.

2009 Kawasaki KFX700

The KFX®700 all-terrain vehicle (ATV) continues to be a hit with off-roaders for obvious reason. It’s the winning formula of Kawasaki’s powerful V-twin engine and automatic transmission coupled with a racing-style chassis, which adds up to a sport ATV offering aggressive all-day riding that is fun and easy for a wide range of riders.

At the heart of the KFX700’s appeal is its engine. The liquid-cooled, 697cc, four-stroke, 90-degree V-twin is matched to a performance-tuned continuously variable automatic transmission. The combination eliminates shifting concerns because it’s in the optimum powerband at all times. This allows the rider to focus even more attention on choosing good lines, whether it’s on the race track or trail.

Other features include shaft drive, powerful dual front disc brakes and Kawasaki’s sealed, oil-bathed, multi-disc rear brake system. The KFX700 also features a single lower front frame tube –designed using lessons learned from cross-country ATV racing –to increase suspension travel and improve handling.

Up front the dual A-arms feature 9.3 inches of travel while providing optimum handling with minimal “tire scrub” during up-and-down suspension travel. Rear suspension duties are handled by an alloy swingarm with a piggy-back reservoir shock and 7.9 inches of travel. The KFX700 is shod with the ITP® Holeshot® tires to gain maximum traction and maneuverability.

Rounding out the features list on the KFX700 are sport-style serrated footpegs, a protective engine skid plate and powerful 45-watt headlights. MSRP: $6,849-$7,149.

2009 Kawasaki KFX90

Parents appreciate quality products that are designed to fit the needs of their growing youth. A wide stance, large tires, and full floorboards allow the KFX90 to offer stable and confidence-inspiring handling traits. Its friendly performance and big-bike styling make the KFX®90 ATV a smart choice for riders 12 years and older. At the core of the KFX90 is a reliable and environmentally friendly four-stroke air-cooled engine that provides healthy mid-range performance with an easy-to-use power delivery.

The KFX90 is also equipped with electric starting, single-shock swingarm rear suspension, A-arm front suspension, dual front drum and single rear disc brakes, much like those found on the larger KFX models.

Parents are sure to appreciate the added safety offered by the KFX90’s keyed ignition switch which prevents use without the key. Once they hand over the key, parents can maintain control over the KFX90’s use via the throttle limiting screw and a CVT transmission speed limiter. These allow the maximum speed to be preset to match the rider’s ability while letting the rider's confidence and skill levels increase in controlled increments.MSRP: $2,399.

As with all off-highway vehicle recreation, Kawasaki encourages ATV riders to ride responsibly and to respect the environment. Kawasaki will pay first-time buyers of a new Kawasaki ATV $100 for completing an ATV rider safety course conducted by the ATV Safety Institute (ASI). Interested consumers can call ASI toll-free at 800-887-2887.

Article sponsored by ATV Parts .biz

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Composed: 06/18/2008 | Modified: 06/18/2008
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