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OCEANO DUNES (Pismo) on the ATV or Jetski

Sun, Jan/09/2005

 OCEANO DUNES is a great place to go, you can camp right on the beach!!!


Guys! This is the place to take your girl, if she likes to lay out!! And a great place for jetskiing.

While the ladies lay out, the guy’s go out to ride and play. I know - I know, the girls have to get in there rides in to. (So don’t bash me ladies)

We stayed from Thursday until Sunday for only $25 RIGHT ON THE BEACH. You can launch your skis on the beach and play in the waves.

The waves are just right to have some fun and the wind picks up at about 2pm. (This would be a great place to hold some races, promoters are you listening?).

We found some cool bowls and a couple of big 150-foot hills to clime. There are also dune buggy rentals and ATV rentals but if you are not up to those you can take the HUMMER Tour, which will take you out into the dunes and clime some killer hills. There is also a ATV race schedule here in October if you like racing in the sand.



You can order a 25ft trailer to camp in from Love 2 Camp @ (805)459-0726, and they will deliver it right to your camp, and when you are done just call them for pick up. They also have water trucks that will fill up your RV or trailers tanks and sell you fire wood.  


 OCEANO DUNES is a big party, cars cruise up and down the beach all day and all night.  Be sure to drop the air pressure on your tires to about 20psi or less so you don’t get stuck.


We had the privilege to see a jelly fish wash up ( the kids like'd it), and got some great riding in on the Ski’s and ATV’s.

Also, do not forget your fishing poles as some local anglers were pulling out some decent sized fish out of the surf.



For more information call Oceano Dunes SVRA (805)473-7223 or 805-473-7220


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