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Wed, Jan/19/2005

  Glen Helen Raceway will host the 1st round of the ITP ATVA Grand Nationals Round #1 presented by Weekend Warrior on February 5-6, 2005.

Last year's event was a huge success and plan on other successful events this year. There will be a $7,500 pro purse for this year's event. Top ATV pros including Kory Ellis, Doug Gust and several more from all over the country will compete at Glen Helen. The main event for the pros will be on Sunday, February 6th.

The amateur event will have all classes included 50cc - and up. The amateur classes will race qualifier events on Saturday and main events will be on Sunday. Gates will open Friday, February 4 at 7am until 10pm. ATV only practice will be on Friday. Gates will reopen on Saturday and Sunday at 6am with practice at 8am and racing approximately at 9:30am.

ITP ATVA Grand National Championship MX

Presenting Sponsors: Scott USA, ATV Sport, Outerwear, Mototees, atv parts 

Co-Sponsors- ATVParts.Biz, Yamaha,IMS, Denton Racing, Weekend Warrior, White Bros.

Date: February 7th-8th, 2004

Pro Purse - $7,000
Pro/Am Purse 80%
25% Trophies
Thousands dollars in Prizes

Schedule: Friday February 6, 2004-Gates open 7am
ATV Practice Only 9am-2pm
Sign-Up 11am-3pm
Saturday February 7, 2004-Gates Open 6am
Sign-Up 6am
Practice 8am
Racing 9:30am (1 moto only per day must race both days for a score)
Pro Practice 2pm
Sunday February 8, 2004-Gates open 6am
Practice 8am
Racing 9:30am (1 moto only per day must race both days for a score)
Pro Racing will be 12pm and 3pm
Race one moto each day-Qualifier will be on Saturday (if needed)
Maximum 20 rider gate, 5 riders make a classes, Sanction by ATVA rules and classes
Entry Fees:
Pro $100
Pro-Am $85
Amateur $40 (get $5 off coupons at
participant Yamaha Dealers)
Pre-entries on-line @www.glenhelen.com

2003 ATVA Grand National MX championships Classes

Pro Production & Pro/AM (MUST BE 16 YEARS AND OLDER)
Class #1 - Pro- (91-250cc 4-stroke Production AVT)
Class #2 – Pro AM 265 (91cc-265cc 2-stroke & 91 -450 4-Stroke )
Class #3 – OPEN Pro/AM (266cc-open 2-strone & 451cc-open 4-stroke)
Class #4 – Pro AM Production (91cc-450cc 4-stroke Production ATV)

Class #5- 250 A (91cc-265cc 2-Stroke & 91cc-450cc 4-Stroke)
Class #6 – 250 B (91cc-265cc 2-Stroke & 91cc-450 4-Stroke)
Class #7 – 250 C (91-265cc 2-Stroke & 91cc-450 4-Stroke)
Class #8 – Open A (266cc-open 2-Stroke & 451-open 4-Stroke)
Class #9 – Open B (266cc-open 2-Stroke & 451-open 4-Stroke)
Class #10- Open C (266cc-open 2-Stroke & 451-open 4-Stroke)
Class #11- 4-Stroke A (91cc-450cc)
Class #12 – 4-Stroke B (91cc-450cc)
Class #13 – 4-Stroke C (91cc-450cc)
Class #14 – Production A (91cc-450cc 4-Stroke Production ATV)
Class #15 – Production B (91cc-450cc 4-Stroke Production ATV)
Class #16 – Production C (91cc-450cc 4-Stroke production ATV)
Class #17 – Air Cooled (91cc-200cc 2-Stroke & 91cc-300cc 4-Stroke)
Class #18 – 16-24 year (91cc-Open)
Class #19 – Plus 25 (91cc-Open)
Class #20 – Veteran 30+ years (91cc-open)
Class #21 – Senior +40 year (91cc-open)
Class#22 - Women’s A (91cc-Open)
Class #23 - Women’s B/C (91cc-Open)

Class #24- 91cc-200cc- 2-Stroke & 91cc-300cc 4 Stroke; Production ATV (13-15yrs)
Class #25 – 71cc-90cc Production (8-15yrs)
Class #26 – 71cc-90cc Modified (9-15 yrs)
Class #27 – 51cc-70cc Modified (6-11yrs)
Class #28 – 0-50cc STOCK (4-8yrs) (call for rules)

Gate Fees:
Fri.-Sunday Adult Passes (includes MX Practice)
Fri-Sunday Child 6-12 yrs $25
Sat-Sunday Adult Passes
Sat-Sun Child Passes 6-12 yrs $15
Saturday Only Adult Passes $15
Saturday Only Child Passes 6-12 yrs
Sunday Only Adult Passes $15
Sunday Only Child Passes 6-12 yrs ` $10

For more information go on line at www.glenhelen.com  or call the 24 hour information line at 909-880-3090 or www.atv.info atv

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