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Tomberlin Outdoor formally Alpha Sports is introducing a line of versatile street legal electric cars

Mon, Jun/05/2006

The Tomberlin™ Group, an international manufacturer and distributor of on-road and off-road vehicles announces plans to enter the LSV (Low-Speed-Vehicle) segment.  The Tomberlin™ Group is a recognized designer of vehicles with a history of leading market shares in youth ATVs and Go-Karts.  The first two vehicles; the E-Merge™ and the ANVIL™ are anticipated later this year.  These vehicles will be sold under the newly formed Tomberlin™ Automotive Group.

An LSV is a vehicle capable of speeds up to 25 mph and can operate legally in almost all states on roads with speed limits up to 35 mph.  Vehicles in this segment have seat belts, lighting, special windshields, along with other safety equipment.  Drivers must be licensed and comply with all state and local rules for automobiles.

“The Tomberlin™ Group first started the concept of an LSV about three years ago, but in the last year progress has really accelerated with the acquisition of key leadership from the automotive and electric vehicle industry.” said Mike Tomberlin CEO of the Tomberlin™ Group.  “Now is an exciting time to present to the public an affordable, practical, fun vehicle for running errands and local commuting.  It is also a viable fun alternative to paying high gas prices,” stated Mike.  

The Tomberlin E-Merge™ will be available in September 2006.  The E-Merge™ is a small, aggressively styled, two passenger, street-legal, electric car that can charge overnight on a standard 110 volt outlet and have a range in excess of 30 miles.  It is targeted to individuals in local neighborhoods and communities for running errands, commuting and general recreation.  Its powerplant will generate almost 11 kilowatts making it capable of a top speed of 25 mph and giving it the ability to aggressively climb hills.  The Tomberlin E-Merge™ has 4 wheel braking, seat belts, tip-over-bar, lights, and is street legal.  The target price point will be around $5,000 which is only slightly more expensive than a used golf cart.  Additionally, the E-Merge™ can be financed through Tomberlin™ Financial Services for low monthly payments.

The Tomberlin ANVIL™ is a no-compromise Aggressive Neighborhood Vehicle available the end of this year.  The ANVIL™ is a purpose built automobile designed from the ground-up to meet the needs of the local commuter.  The ANVIL™’s wheel track is wider than some automobiles which adds to appearance, stability and safety.  The rear axle has also been pushed back to accommodate a folding, forward facing, rear seat. 

“The ANVIL™ will appeal to a wide range of buyers.  It is a utility and multi-purpose truck with over 48” between the wheel wells, it can be used to run errands with a large trunk, and on weekends the rear seats can be folded up so a family of four can comfortable ride together. It is a game changer”, said Mike Tomberlin.

The ANVIL™ is electric and will use reliable lead-acid batteries that can charge overnight on a standard 110 volt outlet giving the ANVIL™ a range of over 40 miles.  Shortly after launch, a Hybrid version of the ANVIL™ will be available which will increase the range to over 100 miles.  The ANVIL™’s peak power output will be over 25 Kilowatts allowing it to accelerate quickly, climb most hills at top speed, and not impede traffic.

“The ANVIL™ can go 50 miles on $1.00 in power while a car can only go about 5 miles – 10 times the distance on a buck!”, said Dewey Holland, President of Tomberlin™ Automotive Group.  Additionally, with a target price point of around $8,000 MSRP the ANVIL™ will be one the most affordable automobiles in the segment.

The Tomberlin™ Automotive Group has begun selection of qualified dealers from their over 400 existing Tomberlin™ recreational equipment dealers for the E-Merge™ and ANVIL™ with enthusiastic response.  Additionally, the Tomberlin™ Automotive Group will select new dealers in key markets to best serve the consumer.

 The Tomberlin™ Group is a privately held company based in Augusta, GA.  They are a distributor and a worldwide designer and manufacturer of Go-Karts, ATVs, Scooters, and Motorcycles and consist of three separate divisions; Tomberlin™ Outdoor – recreational products through over 400 dealerships, Tomberlin™ Product Group – recreational and outdoor products to large retailers, and AVI – an import/export sourcing company.  More information on the Tomberlin™ Group can be seen at WWW.TOMBERLIN.NET or parties desiring more information can speak with: Dewey Holland, President or David Hamilton, VP Sales and Marketing at (706) 860-8880.

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