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Carpe Diem 4 nominated for an ATV Extremey Award

Fri, Feb/15/2008

 For the 5th time in 4 years Premis Industries has been nominated for an ATV Extremey Award. Their latest release, Carpe Diem 4, has been nominated for the very prestigious award in the Best Quad Video category. “As a previous winner of the Extremey we really weren’t surprised to be nominated again.” Brad Phillips, Premis Industries President, replied. “But we are certainly grateful and are excited to have the opportunity to take home another award.”

     The Extremey Award is decided by popular vote so Premis Industries is asking for your help. Go to www.extremey.net and place your votes.

Information about Premis:

Founded in 2003, Premis has been a leader in re-shaping the way ATV motocross is viewed and promoted. Starting with their popular “Carpe Diem” series Premis has received a large amount of recognition for the way they have promoted the sport of ATV racing and its athletes. During the production of their globally released films they have worked with nearly every professional racer in the industry as well as several “A” list celebrities. Premis Industries is also credited with releasing the first-ever documentary in the ATV market, the Extremey Award winning “Beating the Odds.” They have continued to raise the bar for other film makers by using innovative ideas and approaches to their films and other products. 

Information about the Extremey Awards:

The Extremey Awards honor the contribution extreme sports videos have on the industry and applaud the artistic endeavors of their creators. The event is always a highly anticipated event filled with all the top producers and stars in the industry. The Extremey Awards will be held April 27th, 2008 at the OC pavilion in Santa Ana, CA

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