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World Record ATV attempt

Mon, May/11/2009

On June 13, the All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Minnesota (ATVAM) will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the world's longest ATV parade.

Currently, Harlan County Ridge Runners in Kentucky holds the record with 1,138 ATVs in a parade.

ATVAM encourages all ATV enthusiasts to join them in Silver Bay for a weekend of fun riding and other ATV-related activities. Organizers are aiming to have more than 2,000 ATVs participate in the parade.

In 2008, ATVAM made its first attempt at breaking the world record but fell short by 56 ATVs. The official count for the parade was 1,083 ATVs. (Three-wheelers and side-by-sides did not count toward the record.)

If you register by Friday, May 8, you will receive a free "World's Longest ATV Parade" T-shirt. To register, visit www.atvparade.org or call ATVAM at (800) 442-8826.

Parade organizers will also be holding a contest for the most creatively decorated ATV.

More information can be found at www.atvam.org or www.atvparade.org or by calling (800) 442-8826

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