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Ready When Needed

Wed, Jul/01/2009

88 Live to Ride and it’s board members would like to send a special “Thank You” to Stat Med-Evac #2 from Greensburg, PA for spending the weekend at Steel City during the National ATV Quad Race. The team consisted of: George Cavalier who has 14 years flying experience as a pilot with Stat and Stephanie Lowden who has been a flight nurse for 1 1/2 years. They also had Rebecca McNutt who is a 2nd year medical resident from UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA along for the weekend doing part of her ER/Trauma rotation.

Fortunately, there were only minor injuries with no need to fly any rider to a trauma center, however, the few injuries that did present were attended to quickly. They assisted the local ambulance service in evaluating and providing any assistant that was needed. One rider was taken to Children’s Hospital by ambulance after quickly being evaluated by Dr. McNutt and was cleared to go by ground transport. After her evaluation of the rider she was quick to talk to the mother and reassure her of what was going on and where the child would be going. I’m sure this put some comfort level to the parents knowing that their child was seen by a physician quickly and if the rider needed a quicker transport to the hospital that a helicopter was there and ready to go. I would also like to thank the local ambulance service “Life-Stat” for doing a out-standing job and also with the help of landing the helicopter and taking care of the crew. I would encourage all promoters to find out from your local hospital if they have a helicopter service and know how to get in touch with the local medical helicopter service. Most of the time this is done free of charge and it’s a service that we hope we don’t need, however, if my child would need immediate medical attention I would feel a whole lot better knowing that there were trained medical personal ready to treat my child and transport immediately if necessary.

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